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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Empties (2013)

Happy New Year everyone! I have to admit that I've been a bit of a slacker with the blog in 2013, but I hope to turn things around in 2014 though no promises, of course! This month came to end to several products...
Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel - This is one of the small travel sizes (I like to change it up). Isn't it interesting how tastes change? A year ago, I wasn't really a fan of shower gels and now I can't get enough!
Philosophy Purity Made Simple - I use Purity to clean my makeup brushes. I know what you're thinking. That's a pricey product, but this enormous 12oz bottle came free with a Sephora order 2 years ago and I recently repurchased another one with my Birchbox points. Plus, I depend on this to keep my Beauty Blender spotless. It pretty much looks brand new and I owe it all to this!
Missha The Style Nail Polish Remover - I bought a ton of these when they were on clearance and I recently discovered a few leftovers in my stash. This is a nice nail polish remover and I'm trying to use up random brands so I can focus on Zoya Remove+ which is my favorite of them.
Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil - I featured this in my nighttime skincare routine and loved it until I ran out. This is a great oil and left my skin looking great. I'm not sure I'd repurchase right away as it's quite pricey. I'd recommend trying it if you haven't (I prefer this over the Josie Maran for face).
Caudalie Lip Conditioner - I've really come to love this lip balm. I even converted one of my friends at work. Even though it's pricey, I've found this balm very effective. I tend to purchase when Caudalie comes out with holiday sets as I can grab the balm and the hand moisturizer for a reduced price. Love.
Physician's Formula Healthy Wear Healthy Wear™ SPF 50 Powder Foundation - I still really like this, though I've since switched to another brand for the moment for a little change. Great, inexpensive powder, although - if you're dry, make sure you moisturize well prior to using!

So there you have my December empties. What did you use up in December?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Favorites

This is a bit of a departure for me. I almost never do favorite posts, but since I only used up 1 full sized item in May, I thought I'd talk about some of the items I've been loving lately. I am going to combine my May and June empties into one post coming your way early July.
I found myself reaching for easy options this month. My allergies have been bothering me and my skin has been a bit of a mess but the weather has made heavy foundation uncomfortable.
I went back to using my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No #13. I was absolutely thrilled when Missha introduced this pale neutral shade. I covers better than a tinted moisturizer and somehow stays put even when I sweat. The SPF 42+++ is also a great for sunny days. Missha almost always runs deals on their website, so you should be able to get this for far less than the retail price if you're interested in trying it.
The Body Shop Born Lippy Stick in Strawberry has been my lip balm of choice at nighttime. The slightly waxier consistency means that it stays on my lips through till morning and doesn't slide around during the night. My lips feel soft and moisturized when I wake up and a plus, it smells like strawberry Bubble Yum.
This L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Eternal Sunshine has been a great swipe and go color. It instantly brightens the eye area and remains subtle for day time. It can be applied with either a finger or a big fluffy brush. Even if I don't put on a base, you barely notice the creasing unless you look at it up close due to the light color (as an aside, I do get creasing with these).
I've had mixed thoughts about the Real Techniques brushes but this one is great. It's the Real Techniques Setting Brush and is a fairly new edition to the brush line up. This little brush is absolutely perfect for highlighter. I've also used it for setting my under eye concealer, cream blushes and even putting on an all over eyeshadow color. I believe this brush retails for $7.99 and it is definitely worth it. I'm thinking of picking up another one the next time the line goes on sale at ULTA.
If you have sensitive skin like I do that tends to be drier, I highly recommend using a men's facial shaving balm for shaving your legs. I've been using one from a small Etsy seller Ophelia's Apothecary. I don't know why I even mention the name of the shop as the customer service I received was absolutely horrible. I ordered in November and only after opening a complaint via Etsy did I finally get my package in January. Seriously, don't order and I'm not linking them. This is more of a general favorite anyway. Using a thick balmy product for shaving has really helped on cutting down the irritation on my legs. This one has shea butter but there are a ton on the market at different price points. If the constant shaving for shorts/skirts weather has your legs in agony, try a mens shaving balm.
I know this isn't a makeup favorite, but I have absolutely loved this little necklace I received in a previous Little Black Bag. It's by the brand Gorjana which I have been absolutely obsessed with and due to the price point of their store, getting things at a fraction of the retail price through Little Black Bag has been amazing. This piece is simple and is on a longer chain and looks awesome with practically everything. I wear it at least once a week and I get a ton of compliments on it.
Um yeah, another non makeup favorite but I am obsessed with my new toy. I was contemplating buying one of these and was deciding between different brands and models when a box wound up on my doorstep. Apparently, my dad got tired of me talking about this whenever I came over and oo-ed and ah-ed over theirs so he bought me one out of the blue. I love my Keurig. I now know what all the hype is over and it has cut down my coffee expenses tremendously. I used to buy a coffee practically every morning at Starbucks, which at the minimum was $3 if I bought a regular iced coffee, now my daily coffee tab is more like a buck.

So those were my May favorites. What did you love in May?

Disclosure: Referral link utilized.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Empties

It is officially May. Ok, it was May about a week ago but this weekend I was uber lazy and didn't feel like photographing a bunch of empty bottles. Sue me. I didn't do too badly in April and this post definitely has more than last month's though I'm hoping it picks up a little. I also have gotten the spring cleaning bug so I tossed a bunch of products that may have not smelled 'off' but were old enough for me to double think putting them near my face or body.
First up, is a bottle of The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo. As most of you know, this is holy grail but it doesn't seem to work as well about midway through the bottle. I need to find an anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn't smell like tea tree to alternate. Deodorant is not usually something I put in empties posts. I usually draw the line somewhere but I had to include this because this is the last tube of the 4 tubes of this I bought on clearance ages ago. I don't know if you can see the sticker, but it was 74 cents and then I had $1 off 2 coupons (yes I remember, how sad) which made them too cheap to pass up. Plus, I love the scent of the Lady Speed Stick Orchard Blossom. Still there comes to a point where you need a little variety, it is the spice of life after all. 
Salma Hayek Nuance Facial Cleansing and Toning Towelettes - As I've mentioned several times, I do really like these, but only on sale!
Jane Iredale Lip Drink Lip balm - Love! I've used up quite a few of these and I have one waiting when I finish some other balms.
Missha Deep Cleansing Oil - I actually didn't use this to wash my face, I used it in conjunction with some dish soap to deep clean my brushes! It works well and smells good (and I have quite a few bottles that I got on sale through the Missha website).
Haus of Gloi Soft Bubbling Scrub in Snow Wolf - Love these. The price has gone up a bit since I started buying them but they are entirely worth it in my eyes. Plus, I enjoy supporting small businesses that have good products and customer service. Haus of Gloi 
Softsoap Coconut Scrub Soap - I finished off another one of these. It's good but is not as scrubby as I like. Still a nice soft non-stripping soap at a great drugstore price. 
And finally, two samples: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (really like) and Mor Basil & Grape Hand Cream (love and have since ordered the full size)!

So there it is. No real makeup products but I am nearing the end of the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Powder so I imagine that will be in next month's post. What have you finished recently? If you have an empties post, please link it below, I love to read them!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Missha Deal

Missha is offering a pretty nifty Christmas deal. Pick the M Perfect Cover BB Cream (all shades!), the Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream (both shades) or the M Signature Real Complete BB Cream (all shades!) for $9.99. There is a limit of 1 per order until stock lasts. The M Signature Real Complete BB Cream and the Misa Cho Bo Yang BB Cream are usually $45.99 so this is a great deal! If that weren't enough, Missha is having a 40% off sale storewide and as always, free shipping over $40.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Promos

The internet has been a bit reluctant to work out here in the country side (but boy is it beautiful and peaceful) so I haven't been so successful with posting, but I thought I'd check in nonetheless. The household has gone to bed leaving me in post turkey nap alertness alone - well unless you count a orange kitty fuzzball to my left. Somehow the multitude of e-mailing regarding Black Friday sales have continued to come in even though other websites refuse to load so I'm going to share some.
Bloom (perhaps one of my favorite websites ever) isn't having a sale per say, but they are offering 40% back in Bloomdollars (regularly 10%) with every purchase now through Monday, November 28th. I may have already put in an order which says a lot consider the slow state of the internet and my utter lack of patience.
The Body Shop is also having a great Black Friday offer. Not only are they offering practically the entire store at 3 for $30 (including things like fragrance and skincare lines) but with a $30 or more purchase, you can buy the "mistletote" for $25 which contains quite a few additional full sized products. Use code FREEJOY for free shipping on your order if you have a Love Your Body card (you'll save $5.50 which will put you just under the free shipping mark). There's also JOY10 for 10% off your order, but I didn't use that one so I'm not certain it works. Now is definitely a time to try some of the more spendy skincare items or a fragrance or two which will normally set you back $24 or more dollars and rarely get that discounted otherwise.
Missha is offering 40% site wide as well as their infamous Perfect Cover BB Cream at a very sweet price of $8.99.
asos is offering an 20% off everything (including sale items) through Monday, November 28th with code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY. I highly recommend you check out the beauty sale section here.
TheBalm is offering 40% everything on their site with code BLACKFRIDAY. This particular sale is only for 1 day and ends at 11:59 pm EST on the 25th.
INGLOT is offering 15% off online as well as free shipping. There doesn't appear to be a code and it should be good through Monday.

For even more options, Nouveau Cheap and Temptalia both have super comprehensive lists. Happy shopping!

Monday, October 31, 2011

September & October Empties

I barely finished any products in September so I decided to compile September & October empties into one post. To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with my progress. And I still haven't managed to finish the H2O cleanser which is a bit insane all things considered! Onward.
Missha Green Tea Sheet Mask - This is a nice, light and refreshing mask. I bought a few of these Pure Source masks when Missha had a sale and they are quite nice. This one is meant to be moisturizing and brightening. I'm not sure I noticed any brightening but it definitely was moisturizing and I didn't need to apply my nighttime moisturizer after using this in the evening.
Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel Pads - I think this might have come in a Birchbox? Either that or one of my Bloom orders. These helped my flakies a bit when I used it but I doubt I'd spring for a full size box of them as they are quite pricey!
Nuance Salma Hayek Detoxifying Facial Cleansing & Toning Towelettes - I know I was a bit lukewarm with these in my review but that's mostly due to the price compared to other towelettes (and my Epielle's) on the market. I actually re-bought them when Nuance was on sale, though these are the original pack. The slight nubby texture on them really helps pick up makeup.
OPI Polish Remover Non Oily - This is a sample size that came in a kit. Not impressed enough to seek this out when I need remover.
The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care - No one should be surprised finding another one of these in my empties post! Holy grail!
Biolage Delicate Care Organic Certified Oil - This stuff lasted forever! Granted, I've had the opportunity to try loads of different hair oils since trying this out but this one has been pretty nice. Once I get through the copious Birchbox samples and my generic moroccan oil, I'd definitely consider repurchasing this one. The price isn't too bad, it smells nice and the dispenser is probably the best of the ones I've tried. I'm actually tempted to keep this bottle and just decant my other oils into this container!
Lancome Nutrix Soothing Treatment Cream - Great stuff if you have dry and sensitive skin and even though it is very rich, it doesn't break me out. If anything, it calms down the breakouts I have and brings deep painful ones to the surface faster. I'll be using my H2O one now but the Lancome is definitely richer. If you have a recommendation for a similar cream I'd love to hear it (or what will happen is I'll likely just repurchase this one).
Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion - This is a really nice lotion but I highly doubt I would pay the full retail price which is a bit ridiculous. It has a light slightly citrus scent and sinks in quickly. I wouldn't say it is the most moisturizing lotion on the market but I tend to prefer lighter ones even though I really need one that's heavy duty.
Mor Belladonna Body Butter - This was a sample that came in my last Bloom order. I really like this body butter. It isn't so thick that it is sticky or greasy, but you can definitely tell that your skin is moisturized. The only thing I wasn't a huge fan of was the scent. It is a nice warm scent but there is a baby powder note that I don't enjoy. But again, these are crazy expensive in the full size and I think they only come in tubs which I don't prefer (though they do make a few lotions in pump bottles). Anyone else remember when they carried Mor at Sephora?
Caudalie Lip Conditioner - I really liked this lip conditioner. What I didn't like was towards the end of the tube, the product is a lot lower than is convenient to actually use. So you either dig all of it out or let it go to waste. I of course dug with a lip brush to get all the product out but it's definitely not convenient to do so.
Makeup Forever Aqua Smoky Lash mascara - I'm actually a bit surprised how long this lasted given the usual consensus regarding MUFE mascaras. I quite liked this. It holds a curl and is definitely waterproof. My only complaint is towards the end of the tube, it started transferring on me which is a bit weird. It's one of the most expensive mascaras I've tried and honestly, it doesn't perform that much better than drugstore mascaras. I'd probably rebuy during a sale or if I had a gift card.
Makeup Forever Sens'eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser - I'm sure you are all shocked, absolutely shocked that I went through the bottle of this. Just teasing! Yes, I used up my mini bottle and now I have a full sized bottle that should last me quite awhile. This is probably one of the most gentle eye makeup removers that truly removes any type of mascara. I love it and will always have a bottle on hand.

Whew. Well another month has passed and I still have not finished eyeshadow or blush. Maybe next time?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Missha Deal (today only!)

If you've been curious about something other than the Perfect Cover BB Cream over at Missha, the MISA Cho Bo Yang BB Cream is on sale today for $9.99 which is about 80% off the normal price of $45.99. Pretty good deal! This particular BB Cream doesn't have the color range of the Perfect Cover version but I've heard it's very forgiving.

Anyone planning on picking this up?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Awesome Missha Deal - Today Only!

I know it's a little late for my east coast readers, but there's a little time left for those of you on the west coast. If you've been interested in trying the Missha or you already love it, they are running an amazing sale on the Perfect Cover BB Cream. At this point #31 is already sold out, but all the other colors are available. The deal is this:

Buy 1 M Perfect Cover BB Cream (at $29.99) and get 2 extra ones free! And also, you'll receive a BB Boomer and BB Deep Cleansing Oil free with your purchase! Add $10.01 more dollars and receive free shipping AND the sample set free!

Truly an amazing deal!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Lips

I'm not the biggest fan of the summer season. Ever since summer stopped equaling months off for relaxation, I've become a little less enthused. Also, business professional when it's 90 degrees outside isn't fun no matter how you slice it.

But that doesn't mean I dislike summer trends especially juicy sheer colors on the lips. Sheer lip products are by far my favorite and there have been some new releases (or new to me products) that I'd like to share.

First, Maybelline Colorsensational Highshine

I love these new lipsticks from Maybelline. I have been slowly acquiring the shades when they go on sale and if you are a fan of sheer lipsticks, you will love these! Some of the shades do have a bit of sparkle but it's very refined. I am not a big fan of the regular Colorsensational line as it's a bit drying on me but these are lovely.
Two of my new arrivals are Mauvilous Shine and Coral Lustre. These are fabulous and smell like fruit punch. Anywhere from $5 to $9 depending on the drugstore and location and often on sale. These are the perfect swipe and go color for the summer season.
The Missha The Style Crystal Shine Rouge Mixing lipsticks are meant to be applied on top of other colors, but I'm liking these on their own. At $10.99 they are a bit more expensive than the Maybellines but as you know Missha is well known for their sales and I didn't pay full price. These have a light balmy texture, smell faintly of white grape and the pink shade has some duochrome sparkle in it that creates a bit of shine, but again, not over the top glitter. The only caveat is they only have 2 colors in this line.
Oh Sleek you taunted me for so long with your inexpensive products across the pond. Thankfully, Jellyminx Thinks united me with this lovely tinted lip balm and I'm so glad she did. It smells coco-nutty and is creamy and moisturizing but still adds a nice pop of color to the lips. I'm kinda having a "gotta collect 'em all" Pokemon moment with these. This one is Pink Cadillac, a great bright pink perfect for summer.
And of course swatches.
Maybelline Mauvilous Shine
Maybelline Coral Lustre
Missha OR03
Missha PK06
Sleek Pink Cadillac

I'm sure I'm missing some but these are some I think everyone should try. What are your favorite summer lipsticks? Are you another sheer lip lover?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Missha 40% Off Eyes

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of a few Missha products (especially their BB Creams). I recently received an e-mail that today only their whole eye line is 40% off. I'd have posted it sooner but no updating at work I"m afraid. Missha has free shipping over $40 and always has samples and free gifts with your purchase.

I'm eying one of their new eyeshadow quads for summer. They look pretty luxe.
The original price is $22.99 but the $13.99 sale price is a bit easier to swallow, no?

And all their nail polishes are on sale too. They recently brought out new polishes in their crackle (er leopard) line:
pink (LPK01)
and purple (LPP01)

Those are only $4.19 with the sale.

And if that's not enough, all their BB Cream sets are 50% off.

This is going to be very hard to sit out!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What I've Been Wearing

One of my recent goals was to start wearing a full face of makeup after starting my new job. Easier said than done in the morning when I wake up at 5:45am! I've been doing pretty well though and I've been reaching for the same products so I thought I would share.
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13 - I've spoken about the Missha BB Cream before and I am so thrilled that they've finally released a color for us pale girls, #13 is a near perfect match for my skin. It can look a little dry though so I need to moisturize well prior to application. Those that are more normal to oily would probably love it even more. Lasts all day on me. Has medium coverage. I can usually get away with just this and a little concealer on my blemishes and I'm good to go. The only negative is the scent, it is very strong and perfume-y so those sensitive to scents should be careful.
swatch of Missha #13
Any pressed foundation/setting powder - This one is just one I'm trying to use up (see all the pan!) - I swapped for this Lorac powder ages ago and I just want it done.
Yves Rocher Watercolor Effect Blush - You can read more about my thoughts in the link but I love this liquid blush for a fresh look and it's very easy to apply.
Makeup Forever Aqua Cream #13 - I know I didn't speak highly of this product and I still really don't love it but I figured I'd use it, and just a little over UDPP brightens the lid for a really easy daytime look.
Any mascara - No photograph as I've just finished one and need to open a new one.
lipstick and/or gloss - changes daily!

So that's it. I know it's pretty bare bones at the moment but it's been working for me. I have quite a few lipsticks and glosses circulating in my handbag.  I still reach a lot for the Senna ones and I actually recently finished a lip product which you will see shortly as I need to write up and post my Empties post for March!

What are the products you've been wearing lately?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Missha 30% Off Sale

If you've been the least bit curious about the Missha brand, this weekend would be a prime opportunity to make an order as all their makeup is 30% off (I think anything currently on another offer is excluded - the mini BB Creams are 30% off but the full sizes are not)! If you make an account, you will also receive a 10% off coupon code and all orders receive a free foot scrub. I would also highly recommend following them on twitter as they've had several giveaways and flash sales (BB Creams for $9.99, yes please!) and there is always free shipping over $40.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Missha Rewards

Did you shop at Missha this past year? If so, you may have some rewards tied to your account. I love how a lot of brands and companies are jumping on the rewards bandwagon! And from the looks of this e-mail, they seem to be continuing the program through 2011.

The rewards:
If you spent $100...
$10 off a purchase of $40 or more
If you spent $200...
M Shiny BB Cream ($19.99 value)
If you spent $300...
M Perfect Cover BB Cream ($29.99 value)
If you spent $600...
Misha Gold Overnight Cream ($55.99 value)
If you spent $1000... (I'd be shocked if anyone spent this much on 1 site!)
Misha Gold Overnight Cream & $50 gift card

Personally, the reward amounts seem a little high. But something is better than nothing. I would have liked to see a reward for those that spent under $100, maybe free shipping or something similar so there is an incentive for them to order more. Did you find anything in your Missha account? I believe if you redeem any of these items, you would still need to pay for shipping unless you were to spend $40 extra.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's been a super long time since I last did an Empties post but I swore there would be a few makeup items in it and as usual, things take a lot longer to finish than they may appear (for example that ELF TM seemed to last forever even with daily use and it's tiny). As always, I include kind of mini final reviews of the products and I'll link if I've reviewed them in the past. I have received some questions regarding my attempts to use up my stash so I thought I would answer them.

Are you doing a Project 'X' Pan?
No, limiting myself on makeup purchases doesn't work for me as I will just go and spend money on something else (or eat too much). Thankfully, I have the means to splurge occasionally on myself and it makes me happy. I don't have makeup related debt (just some student loans and a mortgage - I recently paid off my car, yay!) so I don't feel guilty about my makeup purchases. My husband buys video games and comics so it's nice to have my own girly vice.

Then why the tracking?
I have this fear that the makeup that I have will go bad and I will have wasted money on products I couldn't enjoy or use (I already have a problem with not using things that are "pretty"). This is my attempt in making sure that my makeup gets loved and finished (and it feels awesome to see what I've used and finished for some reason)! This is also why I love having giveaways and/or blog sales. I've been into makeup since the late 90s so even with limited purchases, I still have enough for quite awhile (obviously I throw away anything expired)!

Anyway, enough rambling, the evidence:

* Fruitopia No More Flakes 2-1 dandruff shampoo + conditioner: I've mentioned I suffer from some scalp issues and this was on sale at CVS and smelled good so I tried it. It seemed to work pretty well and definitely smells better than the tea tree oil equivalents. I'd repurchase when it's on sale.
* The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care: One of my Holy Grails. Smells like ginger ale and works for the flakies/dermatitis. I have no idea what number bottle this is, but I've been using this for several years. This was in my 2010 Favorites and in several hauls last year. Will continue to repurchase.
* Urban Therapy Twisted Sista De Frizz Conditioner: I reviewed this for Beauty Debutante and this was my favorite of the products I received from the Twisted Sista line. It's super cheap and works pretty well. The tube went pretty quickly on my long hair but now that it's short, I bet it would last a bit longer. I haven't seen this in any stores but if I did, I'd (re)purchase.
* Darphin Conditioning Care with jojoba: I have no idea how I got a hold of this product but it's pretty nice, very thick and super moisturizing. I'm not even sure if Darphin still makes this. The only thing that put me off was the slightly floral scent. I'm not sure I'd repurchase. I bet it's really pricey.
* Essence of Beauty Eye Makeup Remover Non-Oily: Love these. These take off the most waterproof of eye makeup and they don't sting. Pretty inexpensive at CVS - though I haven't seen them in stores for ages they were available online last I checked.
* Clinique Take The Day Off For Lids Lashes & Lips: Awesome stuff that doesn't sting. Only negative is the price and the need to use a Q tip (what can I say? I'm super mega lazy and near blind without specs or contacts). I request these if I buy at the counter or as extras in swaps. I love the portable size as well, less mess if you accidentally knock it over and spill the whole bottle.
* Missha Super Aqua Cleansing Tissue: These were ok till they dried out and didn't remove any makeup without the assistance of another makeup remover. Did decently well with eye makeup when the cloths were actually saturated. These are on clearance for $6 on the Missha website if you want to see for yourself but I'd go with a drugstore version if I were you.
(Holy Skincare!)
* Avene Thermal Spring Water: Lovely as a refresher, a bit over priced but nice to have around. Really awesome in the summer as the water stays cool without refrigeration.
* Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion: After I received this for review, I quickly fell in love and so did practically everyone I had try it. My husband stole the bottle for about a week and then I bought him his own. My mother in law loves it since she works outside a lot and needs to wash her hands often. She loves that it sinks in quickly. DH has reserved my back up bottle for his own use at work. He's even gotten his boss hooked on this stuff. It's pricey but lasts forever. It works on soothing the skin (eczema, razor burn, etc) as well as keeping the skin hydrated but never greasy due to over washing. It does have silicones so if you are sensitive to them I wouldn't recommend it, but if your skin doesn't mind them this stuff is awesome. Since my review, I've bought 6 bottles for our house and friends and family. 
* Cellnique B-Liv line: After my review, I started liking this line a little more, specifically the Submerge Me Lotion and the Shrink & Tighten Complex. I still don't think the Off With Those Heads did much of anything for me. However, the price still puts me off. I did notice a difference when I stopped using the routine, however my skin seems to like many different lines (H2O being one of them). I may (re)purchase the two items I liked in the future but I'm drawn to easier and cheaper lines that I can buy in person.
* H20 Sea Pure Deep Moisture Cream: Is anyone surprised that I've used this up? I love this stuff though it's just as well that I've run out since my skin is freaking out after the threading I received this past week (I'm broken out in little bumps everywhere she threaded). For now, I'm using some more harsh skincare to hopefully get rid of the bumps but I will be so ready for this when my replacement comes in the mail...
* OPI Expert Touch Nail Polish Remover: Doesn't smell horrible, works pretty well, slightly pricey but will probably repurchase. This 4oz bottle was $6. In my opinion, it's worth it to pay a little more than cheap acetone at the drugstore to not deal with a horrible stench and something that dries out your nails and cuticles especially in the cooler months!
* Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Waterproof: LOVE! Probably my favorite mascara of 2010.
* Bourjois Pump Up The Volume Waterproof in Brown: It was ok. I prefer the Maybelline and in general black mascaras. It also smudged when I teared.
* Cover Girl Lash Exact: Again, not as good at the Maybelline and blue. In the review, I said I would repurchase but next time I'll try the black version!
* The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick: I really love The Body Shop, if you can't already tell and I'm a big fan of most of their lip balms (other than the vitamin C orange one that tastes funny). This I've already repurchased. Super creamy and great for fall and winter and smells delicious.
* MAC Plush Glass in Posh It Up: I dislike MAC lipglosses but continue to buy them for their color selection and the hype. I will try to use up more MAC lip products in 2011 and then will trade them in for something other than a lipglass! A guess that would be a New Years resolution?
* ELF Tinted Moisturizer (regular $1 line) in Ivory: I've reviewed and featured/worn this countless times in 2010 and really like it. I will repurchase for sure but not until I've used up a few more tinted moisturizers in my stash. I love the price of this and the coverage is actually pretty good. After months of using it, I finally got used to the orange soda scent. For $1 it's definitely worth trying if you like tinted moisturizers. A plus, it comes in a shade that matches fair skin!

Wow, this post was epically long. Hope it was helpful at the very least. Have you used anything up recently?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snap Crackle Pop!

image from Amazon
Oh you mean this wasn't supposed to be an entry about my favorite cereal characters? And Rice Krispies isn't makeup? But I'm sure you could grind it up and use it as face powder, right? They do make rice powder!

Actually, before I go completely nuts I was referring to the current trend of "crackle" effect nail polishes and one from an unlikely source wound up in my inbox and I wanted to share, a) because it's actually available to buy right now and b) it comes in more than 1 color *cough-unlike-barrym-which-I-can't-even-buy-here-cough*

 Missha's new The Style Leopard Nail Polish - $6.99 and available in 3 shades:

 The crackle effect looks nothing like leopard print and they chose bruise colors but still pretty awesome and not too pricey either!

Are you going to give into the crackle effect trend?
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