Sunday, February 21, 2010

Would You Like Some Lipgloss With Those Oysters?

On Friday I received a rather peculiar catalog. DH and I spent dinner reading the interesting descriptions and laughing hysterically. Well, when I saw this, I had to share. I spent about 20 painful minutes with our scanner and finally got a clear image!
"Mistress of Pheromones: A Cosmetics product unlike any other we've ever offered; Each of these rich, moisturizing lip glosses contains patented pheromones - Infusions of "invisible scents" - formulated to trigger and heighten sensual awareness, and to noticeably arouse your lover. Twist off applicator. Made in USA." Price $21-

What do you think? Kind of wish I would have gotten this a week ago so it could have been my Valentine's Day post.


Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Think I would have to go with passion, but I don't think it would arouse my other half...more like 'ergh you have sticky lip stuff on'

Fee x

andpinkysays said...

Hahaha. I don't think we should mess around with pheromones and that type of stuff, maybe some not very good consequences? Hehe. I wonder if we can find any testimonies though, those'll be interesting! xD

Olivia J said...

Is this the catalog with the beauty and shexay type of things in it? Because I was kinda shocked when I received a catalog w/ beauty products and all of the sudden there were dildos in it too!

Lisa Kate said...

Ahaha I love that! My sister in law sells Pure Romance (and I also have a lot of hairdresser friends, who are notorious for throwing those kinds of parties) so I'm pretty familiar with this kind of stuff XD I honestly think the whole pheromone thing is such a load of bull though. I have some sort of body spray that smells like vanilla pear (yum!) and it supposedly has pheromones, but my hubby treats it the same as if I'm wearing Bath and Body Works XD

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Fee: Sounds like my DH. He won't kiss me when I have "lip stuff" on.

@sunniipinky: If they weren't so expensive, I'd order one myself to give it a go!

@Olivia: Yes! Boots, corsets and pheromone lipgloss, oh my! If you got it in the mail, you really need to sit down and read the entire thing from cover to cover. The descriptions are hilarious and way over the top.

@Lisa Kate: Yeah, I've seen this sort of stuff at conventions but never received something in the mail!

Caz said...

Regretably there is no scientific evidence of humans pheromones even existing'll probably just attract bees....ouch

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Methadone Pretty: Oh well I guess I'm definitely not ordering one now. I am allergic to them - hives are not sexy!

Caz said...

Specially not on the lips!

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