Monday, September 27, 2010

[CLOSED] Giveaway, Just Because & 400th Post!

I have been hemming and hawing over giveaways on Jeweled Thumb. I'm sure you've noticed. First I thought I would have one for my 1 year anniversary but then I thought that I didn't really properly start blogging till the fall of 2009. I thought I would have one at 300 followers but then it wasn't the greatest of times. Now it seems nothing really has happened except for this being my 400th entry. To be quite honest, I never thought I'd last this long. I am easily distracted, my life is a bit crazy, I get sick often and let's be honest, when you herniate 2 of your discs, how much more should you be expected to do than work full time (and of course physical therapy 3x a week)?

But guys, I've put this off long enough and I do appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time out of your day to read this little blog. So a giveaway it is.

The Rules
1. This is a giveaway for my followers, so you need to be one.
2. Worldwide
3. I'm doing it a little different this time, please leave your e-mail address and I will contact you. If you don't respond within 48 hours, I will pick a new winner, no exceptions. I will also post the winner's name on Jeweled Thumb in case my e-mail goes to your spam folder.
4. You must be over 18 to enter.
5. This giveaway will close October 22nd 2010 at 11:59 EST which is exactly 1 month prior to my 27th birthday!

1 entry:
Leave a comment with (1) your name (2) your e-mail (3) something you want to see on Jeweled Thumb

+ 1 entry
follow me on twitter if you haven't already (please comment when you do and if you already do) and retweet the giveaway... thingy - not done yet since the post isn't a post right now

So a maximum of 2 entries per person. Please only leave 2 comments per person on this post so it's not impossible to track!

And what are you going to win? Well, I'm at work *shh* and I don't have the prizes in front of me, but I will update the post tonight with the bounty (posting it now so I don't forget and lose out on #400!). All I know right now is the retail value will likely exceed $200 USD. So there ya go. Good luck!


Bounty below!
  • ELF Studio Line Brush Set
  • Stila Color Collection & Clutch
  • 7 various Bare Escentuals eyeshadows/blush (smoky diamond, cognac diamond, flawless diamond, rose diamond, harmony, purist, soft focus glamour)
  • 2 24/7 Urban Decay liners (Zero & Honey)
  • Benefit EyeBright
  • Clean Petites Fragrance set
  • Milani Bare To Wear & Dress Maker
  • and finally, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure


Rena said...

I would love to see some more product reviews since you tend to find such great deals!

<33 Rena

skaki said...

i would love to see more skin care product reviews.
username- ks sn

Aquaheart said...

I would love to see more nail swatches or polish reviews :)

Nina said...

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com
I would love to see more nail polish related posts like swatches, reviews and comparisons.


Pink Pom Poms said...


I would like to see tutorials.
I have followed on twitter (@pink_pom_poms) and retweeted.


Lucys Stash said...

I follow you via GFC as Lucisek-Lucy's Stash
I definitely want to see more nail polish swatches and nail art :) (check out my blog and you'll know why ;)

lucisek dot beluha at


Lucys Stash said...

I follow you on Twitter (LucysStash) and tweeted!/LucysStash/status/25717396662

lucisek dot beluha at


Unknown said...

I love swatches, so swatches of anything would do :)
Thanks for the giveaway !
Lorraine x
Martiandelights at

Maybe said...

i love make up tut and swatches!

i'm follower you via GFC and my mail is a.mandekic(at)

Jamie Dorman said...

Haha! work blogging! I do it at school during class!

maquilagemmasstige at g mail dot com

I will tweet once the big post goes up!

Jennie said...

Jennie -

My favorite thing to see is makeup reviews on drugstore more of that!

Rhania E. said...

I would love to see eyemakup tutorials and some beauty tips..

Ngelic said...

I would love see more drugstore dupes of the highgrade stuff in the reviews!

fisiwoman said...

I'd like to see more NOTDs. Enter me please!

Ana Belén R.M

fisiwoman said...

Following on twitter (@fisiwoman) and tweeted:

Ana Belén R.M

CelyFrenchie said...



I'd love to see more makeup tutorials, I don't have a lot of ideas when it's time to make up myself :/

Thanks for the lovely giveaway :D

throuthehaze said...

I love to see swatches!

Raelena (Throuthehaze)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I am a follower with GFC as Kimberly.


I'd like to see reviews on beauty tools, i.e., brushes, tweezers, makeup clothes.

Lauren Baker said...


I'd like to see more hauls, they're my favorite! =)

Laurel said...


I'd love to see my nail polish reviews!

Shela said...

Hey, it's Shela. My email is bggals(at)gmail(dot)com and I'd love to see more reviews on lipsticks. I've been on quite a lippie streak lately...

Amanda said...

aschronister at

I'd love to see drugstore dupes and fragrance reviews.

Shela said...

I also tweeted about the giveaway as @BGgals. :)

Unknown said...

Following ur blog and twitter! @Lollibunniee
i tweet here :
i'd love to see more HAULs and Bad products review :)

Jaylene said...

1. Jaylene
3. I'd like to see more reviews because I love knowing about new products to try! Also blushes and mascara! Love trying new ones.

Stephanie said...


I'd love to see more nail stuff. I've been searching for that Milani Bare to Wear at all my CVS stores, but they've gotten rid of them now! I'm so happy you put that in there! :D

imergotm said...

imergotm at

I'd love to see reviews and swatches of Sassy Minerals and MAD Minerals, foundations especially.

The precious!

cait said...

Things I want to see....more swatches and haircare reviews!


swatch.storm at gmail dot com

Curtney said...

I would love to see you do more posts on Nail Art and do-it-yourself makeup tutorials

curtneysison AT gmail DOT com

Rhania E. said...

followed you on twitter and twit about it

hugs and kisses

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

I am a follower from so many months , more of a silent followers i guess. i would love to see nail tutorial,in pictures

Lucky Finds said...

I'd love to see MAC makeup collection reviews

GFC name: luckyfinds
name: emiliana sison

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

already a twitter follower as @glossicious
tweeted here

Lucky Finds said...

following you on twitter (@millette05) and made a tweet

maaike said...

Name: Maaike Wattel

Email: m.wattel at student dot rug dot nl

I would like to see a review of the new Mac collection - it looks very promising!

EVA SB said...

I'd like more NOTDs[@]gmail[.]com

EVA SB said...

I follow on Twitter and I tweeted

Tash said...

AMAZING give away. I'm going to keep everything crossed now xD

I'm a big fan of make up swatches, so that I can go window shopping through the blogs I read, you know? So it would be great to see more swatches + product reviews.

myolie said...

like to see more drugstore swatches and deals.

andpinkysays said...


I would like to know what mascaras work for you. :) It's hard to find a good one and different things work for different people--just interesting to know. x)

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I follow you on Twitter!

Bad Fairy review

Anonymous said...

I follow you on Twitter!

Bad Fairy review

adrian said...

google friends follower -
name is adrian/smilefest
smilefest (at) yahoo (dot) com
would like to see more hair product reviews
congrats and thanks for the chance!

Monika Lintang Retnani said...


I would like to see more makeup review. :)

Aira said...

i would love to see a lot of lipstick reviews!
i also followed your twitter -- airatweets

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Name: Nikka
Continue the deals post<3 and I would love to see a post on your favorite makeup, top mascaras, foundation, lipsticks and etc.

Allison L said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Name: Stephanie
I'd just like to see anything that's of good/great quality, that's well, on the lower spectrum of the price ranges x) I'm really not in the position to afford anything pricey so I appreciate modest reviews of products from places like drug stores and the such!

Jo said...

Jo Tee here! I would personally love to see more reviews of drugstore priced items along with swatches : )


Stephanie C. said...

My name is Stephanie and my email is: I love your site! I think more drugstore-priced reviews would be awesome to see, or FOTDs. :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see nails/nail art tutorials and dupes!
I tweeted the link @livymct :) love the site!

The Editor said...

Hey! I'm Maria, 25 years old.

I'd love to see more tutorials - makeup tutorials, that is! And swatches!

The Editor said...

I also follow you on twitter (my name: plohotnuke) and tweeted about this giveaway here:

Leticia said...

I would love to see more reviews!

ChrissyDee said...

Hey :)


Love your NOTD posts so would be interested to see more FOTD posts!

Lovely giveaway xx

Am also following you on twitter as @ricewarrior

ChrissyDee said...

Tweeted about it here!!/ricewarrior/status/26858207662

JL said...

Heya! I'd love to see more swatches! Love them :D

JL said...

I follow you on twitter too! Jinjer25


Have a great day!

Desi said...

i'd like to see tutorials and (more) nail art!

Erin said...


I like reviews of drugstore products.

Unknown said...

follower name : andrea d
i would love 2 see more reviews on products that are a great price

nightowl said...

I'm a follower as nightowl.
I'd like to see eye makeup tips based on your eye shape.

winit6 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see some more skin care product reviews! :]

Unknown said...

Jenny Stamos
I'd love to see more giveaways. It's exciting to actually see brand names that I can't normally get here in Canada and/or could never afford!

Mai said...

I'm a follower as Mai

email- dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

I would love to see more posts about deals from different bands!

Jen said...

Hi, my name is Jennifer
i love looking at OOTD's i love to see what others wear, also i love FOTD's too, i love a nosey into how others do their make up and it gives me some hints and tips of how do do my .


Emma said...

More NOTD's! - i follow your blog!x

Aisling said...

I'm a new GFC follower and I like to read makeup tutorials and product evaluations.

Anonymous said...


I would love to see swatches and more skin care reviews!

Kat said...


My name is kat and I'm a follower
My email is katch05 at gmail dot com

I'd love to see a list of beauty products that you would never buy again!

Anonymous said...

Vam, lmfao.dv[at]gmail[dot]com
i'd love to see more drugstore finds that are worth it!

Cali said...

I'd love to see lots of demonstrations on applying the latest and greatest new products; especially eyeshadows & nail polishes!

Calista Myers

Cali said...

following you on twitter & retweeted:

Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

Jessi McKinney
jessi.mckinney at
I would like to see more nail polish swatches. You can never go wrong with lots of nail polish!

Silverstargirl said...
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Silverstargirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ngelic said...


I'm an exisiting follower

I would love to see more drugstore products and when reviewing a highend product, suggest a dupe which is cheaper.

Ngelic said...

I'm also an existing follower on twitter by the name of thengelic.

Annette McCormick said...

I'd like to see more reviews.

annbr1217 at aol dot com

Unknown said...

I would love to see more dupes for some of the expensive brands I can't always afford :)
I also tweeted this comp, good luck all :)

Nancy said...


I would like to see a list of your favorite drugstore products (& why) and your least favorite.

Lauren said...

Hola, chica! Love the blog, you rock.

Name: Lauren
I would love to see more of products that you would NOT buy again! Although positive reviews are very helpful, I find that not as many are willing to admit when a product just didn't live up to it's hype-and I love knowing that I shouldn't waste my money on something.

ALSO, just followed you on Twitter. My Twitter is BellaBambina525!

MissKaty12 said...


Loving your blog


I would like to see nail polish posts :)

Katy xx

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Alicia Gilby
To be honest I just subscribed but I love seeing tutorials and products I regret buying posts
400 posts is amazing!! I can't even imagine

Stylista Fitness said...

I'd love to see some halloween looks and tips :)

Melissa Valmonte
styleezta at gmail dot com

Stylista Fitness said...

follow you on twitter
and tweeted

Jenna said...

I am a new follower. I would love to see more product reviews, the good and the bad
jennabarson at gmail dot com

Jenna said...

I follow on twitter
jennabarson at gmail dot com

akhartma said...

I follow on Twitter: @akhartma, and tweeted!

I'd like to see more informational type pieces, like how to dertermine your skin type and what products to use once you know. Or how to determine the shape of your face and what makeup techniques look best on your face shape, etc!

Karen said...

Karen Ramirez
karenar22 at yahoo dot com
I would like to see more skin care reviews.

Karen said...

I now follow you on twitter. I tweeted!/karenar25/status/27806196771

on twitter karenar25
Karen Ramirez
karenar22 at yahoo dot com

Billi said...

hi dear :)

love to see rewiew and haul

i follow u GFC as billi

on twitter as jiya22

Claire (The Beauty Scoop) said...

Would love to see more polishes, I am such a magpie when it comes to polish shiny shiny shiny.

Claire. x

clairesmail at virginmedia dot com.

Unknown said...

i would love to see some elf mineral foundation reviews.

following via GFC as raisa

Kate said...

Hey! Amazing prizes! Please enter me.
I love reading about perfume collections!
Am following you on Twitter and have retweeted :)
Kat x

DorrellsRedVelvet said...

I would love to see more drug store dupes of department store makeup and more swatches of nailpolishes.

hillary said...

Byhillary AT gmail DOT com
I would always love to see more reviews!

Steffi said...

Stephanie :)
More great deals!

stephanie said...

hauls and reviews!

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