Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bath & Body Works Into The Wild

I had a soon to be expiring Groupon that needed to be used so I made a Bath & Body Works order. On the site, I noticed that they were showing a new fragrance called Into The Wild and as a promotion, it was only $1 so I added it to my order.

Bath & Body Works describes it as:
Our exclusive Into the Wild is a seductive blend of exotic mandarin, lush petals, and white woods inspired by a sensuous escape into the jungle

For me, my first reaction was, Escada! And then when it melted in a bit it smelled exactly like Jennifer Lopez's Live fragrance. A quite sweet, citrus blend with hints of pineapple, quite tropical without being beachy. There is no sun-tan lotion note. If you like Escada scents and JLo's Live, you will love this. It is one of those not quite memorable but not very offensive (unless you bathe in it) scents. I personally like it. It's definitely worth picking up in the sample size if you want to give it a try. I personally hope the EDT and body mist in the same name are the same scent, unlike the Country Chic fragrance where the mist and EDT were too strong for me but the lotion was perfect.

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Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I like Escada fragrances. I hope I like this one too. I've not cared for the past 3 fragrances they have come out with. However, I have saved money this way. ;)

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