Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm Back - Kinda

Well, it's been almost 2 week since my last post here, for good reason. I have not the money to spend on cosmetics since my grad class started (that is $1200 + a $100 textbook - oh and time of course). I've been trying to hide away from 2 of my loves: shopping and makeup.

I've been so good. I skipped the Bobbi Brown 25% off sale (even recieving daily e-mails about it - and of course the last day they send several: only 24 hours left, only 12 hours left, only 6 hours... you get the idea). I also skipped the MAC 25% sale. I hear rumors that the code though SUMO is still working so use it while there is still time.

Apparently Laura Mercier has a whole bunch of sale stuff on her site too. The only thing I've bought has been a couple pair of shoes from DSW and only because I had one of those reward coupons and a $10 off code.

I feel so good about myself. Hah.

Anyway, another thought. I've been meaning to review or post about a certain type of product a day of the week to get things picked up around here and I fear they are all taken. Well, all 1 of them that is. There are a few bloggers that have "Taupe Tuesdays" but I wanted to be original even though I love taupes. The only thing I could think of was Highligher Humpdays. Is it too ridiculous, probably. But it's really the only genre of color/product I have enough of to last more than a couple weeks. Or how about silver Sunday/Saturdays. I know I only have 1 reader but any other ideas?

♥ jeweledthumb