About Me

Welcome to Jeweled Thumb!

I live in the DC Metro area with my husband of 2+ years and work in the field of Human Resources (though my background is in Art/Architecture - Bachelor's in Art). As an artist, it was fairly easy for me to make the transition to makeup and every now and then I pick it up again part-time. I love writing and have been blogging in one form or another since I was 17 so the combination of the two seemed perfect. Plus, I'm that person that helps people at stores even when I'm not employed by them (especially in the makeup aisle). I truly hope this blog is useful and a fun read for all of you!

In my spare (wait, what?!) time, I like to read, shop (aka blog research), spend time with my family and my husband and watch tv shows (some of our current favorites are Bones, Psych and sans DH I watch Glee). I'm currently working on my Master's degree part-time so between work, blogging and school, I tend to keep myself occupied!

If you have any additional questions, just formspring.me!