Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Birchbox (2013)

I have been the world's worst blogger recently. Between my new obsession with all things tea and my husband's introduction of a new show that we are both addicted to (Castle), I haven't been posting as much as I would like. I figured I would at least show what came in my July Birchbox (referral link).

I received:
* Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper 1oz sachet (full size 3.38oz|$10) worth $3
* DDF Acne Control Treatment .5oz/14g (full size 1.7oz/48g|$44) worth $12.80
* Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream no size (full size 50ml|$48) worth ?
* thebalm instain blush in swiss dot " fresh tangerine" .5grams/.018oz (full size .09oz|$22) worth $4.40
* 1 set of bobby pins (full size 6 pins|$5) worth $1.66

A few things, I really wish the curly hair solutions product was in a small pot or bottle, I hate these multi-use sachets. I'm a bit scared of the Ceramidin Cream as there are no ingredients listed anywhere that I can find. I'll have to do more digging. I'm actually pretty interested in the acne control treatment since I've been breaking out a lot with the weather changing and female time of month fun. I'm interested in the blush but the pan is so tiny, I'm a bit worried about streaking.

What did you get in your July Birchbox?