Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Shave During the Winter and Survive* to Tell the Tale

*over dramatization

If you weren't already aware, I have super dry sensitive skin, especially on my body. In fact, when growing up, my doctor at the time recommended that I not shower everyday and when possible, take colloidal oatmeal baths. As you can imagine, shaving dry sensitive skin does not yield great results. I mean, sure, the hair goes away, but I'm left with irritated skin. Dry, itchy skin that often burns when taking a warm shower.

It got to the point this winter where my husband was making fun of the "forest" I was growing on my legs and I had to take some action.

My regular "moisturizing" shaving cream just wasn't cutting it. In my palm of my hand I added some oil and then mixed in my shaving cream and spread that on my legs. After shaving, I spread on a generous amount of Albolene and then hopped in the shower. Between the moisturizing properties of the Albolene and the steam from the shower, my legs didn't get complete dried out. I showered as normal and exfoliated/cleansed my skin with my exfoliating gloves. After stepping out of the shower, my legs were soft and most importantly, didn't itch or burn.

I know it's normally recommended to moisturize after showering, but using a protective barrier if you are prone to dryness, has saved my legs this winter!