Friday, May 15, 2015

Love Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache But Hate The Price?

Let me introduce you to this lovely perfume, from Urban Outfitters: Pistachio Brulee. I know I'm far from their target market, but I do shop there occasionally and one time I spritzed this and fell in love. And I fell in love with the price point even more. Urban Outfitter's Gourmand EDP Fragrance in the scent Pistachio Bruleè is described as having notes of milk vanilla mousse, pistachio and vanilla bean. It comes in a beautiful simple yet elegant 1oz glass bottle, is an eau de parfum and retails for...


Meanwhile, the Laura Mercier Crème de Pistache is an eau de toilette spray with 1.7oz of "juice" and retails for a staggering $55!

The entire Urban Outfitters gourmand range is said to be online only, but I've seen it in stores ever so often and it is totally worth a sniff if you are infatuated with the Laura Mercier but don't want to pull the trigger on something so pricey.

I'm not sure I can say for sure that they are complete dupes as I don't own the Laura Mercier, but it gives you same warm, nutty enveloping hug. I love pistachios and I love vanilla scents and this one also lasted particularly well on my skin as one would expect with an EDP! It's certainly enough to take the LM one off my Sephora wishlist.

Give it a sniff if you see it around and if you like it, I recommend purchasing it right away as their entire gourmand line seems to sell out fast when it's brought into stores.