Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Newest Addiction: Nail Polish

I think it may be the blog universe's fault that I have succumbed to polish. I used to love nail polish but eventually got too lazy to apply it. Plus, for years I was working with heavy duty equipment and things like wood glue which did not play well with polish. Then when I worked at a medical facility (not doing clinical stuff mind you) we were not allowed to wear specific colors or decoration so I simply didn't bother.

Anyway, now I'm allowed to pretty much wear whatever I want and I have fallen in love with some new products. And I'm going to present my very first photographed NOTD. Aren't you excited? Actually, it looks pretty awful. I'm still getting the hang of this stuff.

I am blaming The Pink Train Case who after looking at her blog, has just made me make plans to hop over to my local Walmart (of course). Ok, well awhile ago, she showcased the latest Orly collection based on fairytales. I am a sucker for them. And recently I went to Sally's and found them on sale ($3.99)! So I picked up 2: Prince Charming (a chocolatey taupe color) and Happily Ever After (fuschia). I also was intrigued by the matte products so I picked up Orly Nails for Males. Oh, and last week at CVS they had Sally Hansen nail pens on sale BOGO so I picked up Silver and Pink (they are kind of craptastic and skip but a review for another time). So today I am bored and it is raining.

Prince Charming + Matte + Silver=

Ok, yeah it may look good on this hand... you don't even want to see my right hand... it's a squiggly line disaster.