Thursday, October 1, 2009


Glee was on last tonight. I am thoroughly addicted to this new show, probably because I was one of them in high school. I was in choir and madrigals and... Divas. Yeah, that was the name of the small women's ensemble I was in, very show choir-esque. We had baby blue sequined dresses, enough said.

But, what else am I glee-ful about?

(Perhaps) the biggest sale of the year! Sephora Friends & Family. Use code ff2009 from October 19th to November 2nd, 2009 for 20% off at I have my list all ready. How about you?

Oh, and as previously mentioned, I have gotten into nail polish again. A few weeks ago, CVS was having a BOGO 50% sale on Milani and I took the opportunity to grab a few of the LE polishes.

I bought: Enchantment (black base with blue shimmer), Charmed (black base with silver shimmer), Whimsical (black base with purple shimmer) and Spellbound (black base with red shimmer).

Here I am wearing Spellbound. This was a rushed 2 coats or so. Isn't it pretty (even DH liked it)? The glitter/shimmer isn't out there obvious and while it makes my nails a little bumpy, I'm probably the only person (aside from you) that notices that they are uneven. And you can't beat the price (even pre-sale they were about $4.50).