Friday, February 6, 2015

First "High End" Makeup Purchase

Do you remember the first piece of high end makeup that you bought yourself? I remember my purchase clear as day. I was in college, just having discovered makeupalley and the boards were a flurry about one sale or another, so I went on the site and had a moment of shock when I noticed the prices. I really like my sales, so instead of the main section, I went to the clearance section and I saw this palette and I figured, even though it was way more than I would normally ever spend on makeup (I was used to drugstore prices and even remember when WetnWild was on sale 3 for 99 cents!), I bought it. Darn you makeupalley and taking me over to the dark side.

E-mail hoarder that I am, I still have my order confirmation:

Well, even though I apparently purchased something from Cargo as well that was $1 more, I remember the Femme Arsenal palette the most vividly. I think it was 70% off (actually this thread kind of confirms that), so it would have been originally $30 - way way way more than I would ever spend.

And guess what I found today when I was cleaning out some stuff, my beloved Femme Arsenal palette! I can't believe I kept this, and moved it... several times. But apparently, I got it for 70% off and then a little under 50% off on top of that - well let's just say, I've always been a bargain shopper.

I thought I would give it one last moment of respect on the blog before tossing it. It wasn't bad quality, but I did learn some things - I don't like cream products in with my powders in palettes, I like neutrals and berry lips, and I rarely use cream shadows or highlighters, especially in palette form, ick.
The simple metal packaging was fairly appealing - but boy does it look old... and dirty...
Obviously, I was totally into the names and phrases. I was totally the type to do graffiti and say "playa please"... right... (kidding)
The empty pan is the lip gloss "Boo Ya" which was a deep berry and which I clearly loved since there's no remnants in the pan. There are sizable dips in the two powder shades (in the middle) and less usage of the cream products.
Not bad for $9 - though there is absolutely no way I would have paid $30 for this. First of all, poor architecture student, 2nd - poor architecture student.
 They still swatch well!
And yes folks, apparently, after 10 years, my tastes have not changed. I still like boring slightly shimmery neutrals and berry lips.

What was your first high end makeup purchase? One that you bought with your own money? Do you remember it as vividly as this one (even though mine was online and not at a counter)?

PS I loved that Totally Juicy sugar scrub - memories...