Thursday, February 19, 2015

2014 Empties Part I

Even though I barely blogged in 2014, I kept all of my empties; does that seem crazy? Apparently, even a blogger at rest is still a blogger, along with all of these crazy habits. Since it's substantial, I thought I'd put it into parts. This part is hair. I've excluded one use packets and sachet-like samples, but these are the hair products I used in 2014. As you can tell, I'm super low maintenance with my hair. My hair is dry and it gets drier the longer it goes without washing, unless I use a styling aid of some sort. Also, I don't think it quite likes dry shampoo, but I'll get into that eventually...

Complete with a bust of Mozart... yes, I don't have a fancy light box. This is my piano.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Conditioner 1 liter size - I accidentally bought a set that had two of the conditioners, I think I mentioned this before, probably with the other one. I think I have more too. It's not bad, but if you use the right shampoo, you don't have to deal with dandruff conditioner too which results in much better smelling hair.
Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - I don't remember hating it. I don't remember loving it. Though I must say, a much better scent than one of the other shampoos down the line.
Philip B Anti-Flake Relief Shampoo - This is my absolute favorite. I just wish it was a bit less costly. But it is really good, especially for those prone to dry flaky scalps as opposed to oily scalps. Smell is not exactly glorious, but it works better than most other related shampoos I've tried.
Neutrogena T/Gel - An oldie but a goodie? I mean, it smells horrible. It lingers longer than you would ever want it to. I beg you not to try to use orange smelling body wash or soap when you use this because it is seriously gag inducing. But it works and it's cheap-ish (though it does dry my hair out something fierce).
*Lea Journo Parfait Intense Hydrating Masque - I actually really really liked this. I believe it is silicone-free, though there are some words in the ingredients list that look vaguely similar. It lasted for quite awhile but the cost is really prohibitive since even when my hair is shorter, I still use a lot of conditioner/masks. Though if you wanted to treat yourself and you have dry hair, I would recommend it, even though I got it for free. For me though, I'd have to get some sort of deal to make it worthwhile.
Curls Unleashed No Restrictions Moisturizing Conditioner - I remember getting this very cheaply at Walgreens on clearance. This does have silicones, but it is not in the first 9 ingredients (and ahead of it is an oil - yay). In any case, I remember the texture of this one being either really odd or really cool. It was almost kind of fluffy and whipped, but also like pudding and green. In any case, I remember enjoying it. Not sure about repurchasing though, as it's not actually all that cheap when it's not on clearance (looks to be around the $14-$15 mark).
KenetMD Conditioner - for a hotel conditioner, this was actually really nice; nice enough that I brought it home with me. I know nothing about this brand other than the fact that the hair and body products impressed me for being hotel products from a brand I had never heard of.
Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Conditioner - This was pretty useless and the 2floz lasted about two washings. I remember being shocked with how much I had to use to get any results (and they weren't particularly good either). Not worth the money!!

Now I can get rid of these bottles, yay!