Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forgotten but Not Lost Products

Does anyone else have any products they kind of wish they would lose but don't have the heart to throw away? Those products that sit in your makeup bag unused. The ones you don't even want to swap because you can't imagine anyone liking them? The ones that you occasionally pull out and see if your dreaded hatred for them has changed, just to see -- and then become just as begrudgingly annoyed that you ever purchased them? Some of them were just so cheap and of course too good to be true. Some of them you received as extras in swaps and don't have the heart to toss or add to your swaplist and some you pulled out of the clearance bin saying maybe.... And of course there are the ones that are just awful, that maybe one day you will make some sort of concoction to make them wearable and beautiful, but you never do?

I know I have products like this lurking about in my bag(s). Oh did I hate to put that extra "s" in there!

For instance, Too Faced Kiss Sticks lipgloss in candy kiss. This I received in a random Ebay lot. You know the ones where they light up your interest with a list of possible lines and products you can get and then send you awful ones? Yeah, I learned my lesson and don't recommend them, even if the price seems right, it usually is too good to be true!

When I first got this, I thought, Ah! A brand I know! This is probably a good amount of money at Sephora or, I mean, of course I'll like it. I pull it out of the box to reveal a long thin pencil type thing and open the cap to view a brand new brush applicator (well at least they weren't lying about BNIB, I exclaimed!). I was excited. The product inside looked like a pretty darker coral pink with a sheen. I later learned this "sheen" was frost. Even when swatching it, it didn't seem too bad, but boy was it sticky! I am not a fan of sticky glosses, but I may be able to adapt based on color and wearability. Smell was slightly strange but pleasant, sugary with maybe a hint of a fruit flavor? I put on my lips and was horrified. Looking back at me was a PPP with awful frosty orange lips. Now, I could maybe see this working on someone with no pigmentation on their lips, or possibly someone with a deeper skintone, but for me, it looked awful, and the pearly pinkness was nowhere to be found. Frost, and orangey muddy frost at that. And the stickiness. Oh god, even after trying to get it off, I was left with a sticky layer of glitter on my lips! Awful! And then again, after brushing my teeth, a sticky substance was left on my lips. It didn't fade till the next morning.

Of course, I was lucky enough to receive 3 of these. Lucky me! Remember, don't trust those fancy attention getting lots on Ebay, just don't! Or maybe I got an old one (just read some makeupalley reviews and they are all pretty favorable), but with no offensive odor to be found, I thought I was fine. Or maybe my pigmented lips just can't take it!

What are some of your Forgotten but Not Lost Products?

Stay tuned for my next awful product that I twistedly make myself keep!