Thursday, April 30, 2009

LUSH Easter Haul

Now I don't celebrate Easter myself, but I'm totally in a celebratory mood if there's a 4-letter word involved: SALE! I went into my local LUSH store yesterday on my day off and happened upon 2 tiny baskets hidden away below one of the least prominent shelves in the store, and in those baskets? LUSH bath bombs in easter egg shapes for $1! I completely cleaned them out, and also got the huge pink easter egg filled with soap and I think a massage bar for $5 (original price $29!). I do so love a good deal. I did leave a couple eggs and the bunny ones (since how on earth was I going to explain the eggs to my husband? Let alone a little bath bomb (not like he knows what that is) bunny. But they smell delicious and all for about $15 I got 9 bath bombs and a huge bath bomb to use bits of pieces of filled with other LUSH goodies! If you have a local store, I do recommend stopping by to pick these cheap goodies up before they are all gone. Pictures to come!