Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review: B-Liv By Cellnique

I've been putting off doing this review because let's face it, how many of us really want to post photos on the internet of our bare faces and otherwise, how else would you see if the products worked or not?

I did a Pre-Review of the products of my first impressions, ingredient lists and prices here

I've been using the products for over month and I wanted to share my thoughts and some before and after pictures.

The 3 products that I was sent were:
Off with those heads - I'm honestly not sure if this did anything. I still am getting white heads and black heads. The one thing I noticed was that my breakouts weren't as severe during my TOTM but they didn't go away completely. I still get breakouts along my chin and jawline and I am still getting clogged pores on my nose. I found on some days this made my eyes water but not everyday and some days I got a slight tingling sensation but again, not everyday.

Shrink and Tighten +
This was a kind of weird treatment. Again, I'm not sure if this did much, though I must say that my dry cheeks, well they aren't dry anymore. I'm not sure if I can attribute this to this product or the moisturizer below. This also stings terribly if you have any broken skin at all, which wasn't pleasant and it warms on your skin upon contact. 

Submerge Me
I liked this moisturizer the first time I used it and I continue to really like it a month later. This does a great job of hydrating my skin, it doesn't cause foundation to ball up, it applies really nice on top of it. I think this may have been the item to get rid of the intense dryness I was experiencing on my cheeks. I have about a third of the product left so not too bad when it comes to cost per use. I only need a few small pumps to apply on my entire face and I've used this twice daily.

Before - June 28 2010

After - August 1 2010
Sorry for the slightly different lighting.

All pictures are clickable but dear lord, please don't!

The only obvious change is I finally got my brows shaped (thank goodness)! I think my cheeks/nose are ever so slightly less red and they are certainly less dry but other than that, I don't see a huge difference in my skin. Both sets of photos were taken without an once of makeup though I was wearing some clear lip balm in the second set of shots. Do you see a major change?

For me, I'll continue using the products until they get used up but to me they are not worth an extra $150+ added to my skincare routine (since I'll still need to shell out for cleanser, toner, exfoliants etc). I'm very happy that my skin isn't as dry but since I tried out all the products together, I'm not sure which item (though my guess is the moisturizer) helped that.

I will say that this is the first time in ages, I've been really good about keeping up with a regimen. I think I may have skipped the full routine only a handful of times in over a month (that's really good for me!).

Like many of the reviewers, B-Liv by Cellnique is...

We would also like to offer free samples of Off with those heads, 3ml to your readers (first 50 readers). They can email their full name and mailing/shipping address to with the subject Readers that send in their blog’s url, they might stand a chance to do a product review. Valid ends 1 week after your product review being post and sample delivery within 4 – 6 weeks.

So there you go.

Disclosure: These products were sent by the brand's PR for review purposes. I am not receiving any monetary compensation for posting about these products and though I was asked to do only 1 review, it was my choice to share my initial thoughts on the products and do 2. Any question, ask! I want to be as transparent as possible with these sorts of things.


Kimberly said...

I like to read a fair and honest post. Good job. :)

Stephanie said...

That's too bad they didn't work as well for you as they did for other reviews I've read. So far I've tried the Cellnique line and I'm liking it. Thanks for the great review though.
btw, I like the new look of your blog!

~Lisa said...

I've tried the Shrink and Tighten and it worked. However, I wasn't offered the oppurtunity to give my readers a free sample.......=(

I didn't see much with Off with those heads either..=/

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