Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay #020 Pale Cashmere

Even though the last thing I should be buying is more nail polish, I snagged this Revlon Colorstay polish in Pale Cashmere for all of $1.24 on clearance at Walgreens. For those of you who have Walgreens nearby, I would highly recommend going once a week and see what the store manager puts on clearance (it's at their discretion). I've gotten some awesome things on clearance. Anyway, for $1.24 I was all over this nail polish!
Pale Cashmere is a very very light milky pink shade that is fairly sheer. I did 2 coats and got this semi translucent somewhat jelly color. Very office appropriate. I found the formula a little thin/runny and it really pooled up around my cuticles. Nothing a little remover won't fix but somewhat annoying. It's a great clean neutral shade and I think it would nice on most skin tones. I'll probably wear a few days and glitter the tips when I get some chipping. I think a gold glitter would look nice!