Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Kiss My Face Moisture Shave Lavender and Shea

I was recently on the look out for a new shaving cream and although I wasn't looking to spend a lot of dough, it seemed like I was gravitating towards some of the more pricey ones. Well, I happened upon the Kiss My Face Moisture Shave in Lavender Shea when I was checking out at Vitacost (referral link - please read below) and it was on sale for all of $4.58 - score (it's now $5.39) so I thought what the heck. Well, I am happy to report that it is quite nice. It is slightly more liquidy - it reminds me of hand soap - than the etsy shea version I was using previously and it is definitely thinner than the whish which didn't impress me at the price (and clogged my razor).

The scent reminds me a bit of Philosophy Purity which is honestly something I disliked at first sniff but really grew on me. It is a nice relaxing type of scent and doesn't smell artificial to me (though they also have an unscented version). The shaving gel/cream is light but provides a nice slick surface for shaving and it doesn't clog my razor! My legs didn't feel dry afterwards which is great since they are prone to sensitivity especially after shaving. I like the pump bottle as well as it reduces mess and waste. All in all, I am quite happy I found this though I'm probably late to the bandwagon!

Disclosure: The referral link gets you $10 off a $30 or more purchase (I used one from a youtuber to buy this and tea, yummy chips and organic fruit snacks) and I get $10 too.

Also, I apologize for my semi-absence. No good excuse!