Monday, June 1, 2015

April and May Empties 2015

The empties posts continue. Although April showers are supposed to being May flowers; here in the DC area, April's fall-like weather (I had to pull back out my boots and tights) led to May showers ... well really downpours - there's one going on right now.

Here's what I finished in April and May:

  • Palmer's Cocoa Buter Formula Facial Skin Therapy Oil - Really good quality stuff you can get at the drugstore. As I've mentioned in prior posts, I mix this in with my normal cream moisturizer for extra moisture and because my skin is dry, it has no impact on makeup breakdown. Also nice by itself at night or to gently massage over dry patches (such as mostly healed breakouts and the like). I would definitely purchase another bottle once I get through my Tarte Marajuca oil (which is nice, but this is much more wallet friendly!)
  • Queen Helene's Royal Moisture Rich Condition - As with all Queen Helene brand stuff, this is very affordable and my hair drank this stuff up. I don't believe it has silicones, but the ingredient's list is super long, so I wouldn't say for certain. I would recommend for us dry haired, curly girls for sure.
  • Caudalie Cleansing Water - This cleansing water was far from my favorite. Aside from the lovely scent and nice small dispenser, I felt it was a chore to use up. The reason is it does not remove anything long wearing and forget about using it on waterproof mascara. It's not worth the hassle. With face makeup it's unremarkable and for the price I expect more. 
  • Bath & Body Works Vanilla Pistachio Foaming Handsoap - My very last bottle of this and I'm so sad about it cause it's so nice. Granted, now I have more vanilla pistachio scented things around, but a hand soap is nice and easy and can calm you down before going to bed... ahh it just smells so good!
  • Essie Smooth Trick Cuticle Oil - The easy dispenser is awesome in theory but not quite so great in practice. I suffer from dry cracked cuticles and skin and thought that this would be great to whip out while on the metro or while traveling without having to bring a glass bottle of a "proper" cuticle oil. The issue with this is the amount that gathers at the tip is dependent by how much you squeeze, and in this case, the items in my purse were squeezing it, leaving me a mess and wasted product. It got to the point where I had to keep it in its own plastic bag and then eventually, I had to just keep it at home. I know there are pen-like products that are housed in hard cases where this would happen less, but this has 1/2 ounce of oil, was/is reasonably priced and effective. I think it's discontinued at this point, but if anyone has any recommendations for something similar that doesn't cause a mess and doesn't wind up costing a ridiculous amount per ounce, I am definitely interested in hearing about them!
  • Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - This is the deluxe sample size and I seriously scraped every last bit of this out before deeming it done because I didn't want to waste any. I hardly ever buy these; this one came in a set from Sephora for free - can't beat that! I am not terribly particular when it comes to balms, though I have my favorites. This is one that I wouldn't buy, but I know it works, so any opportunity for freebies is always good!
  • Supersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment Vanilla Almond - I remember this came in a Birchbox and I really had to force myself to use it. It was a bit more emollient than I typically like and picture vanilla, almond AND mint. Not my favorite flavor combination. Mostly effective, but not something I would consider purchasing.
  • Clinique Take the Day Off For lids, Lashes and Lips - This is definitely a dependable oldie but goodie; though I never wind up buying it since I can always manage to find minis as a 100 point perk at Sephora or gift with purchase.
  • Hada Labo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask- Already mentioned that this is great, especially those with dry skin. Also, significantly more cost effective than those from some of the major brands and ULTA puts these on sale fairly often and can be combined with coupons.
  • Epielle Cucumber Cleansing Tissues - A fairly consistent presence in my empties posts. These are only $1 at Big Lots and just as good as the ones from the drugstore (in most instances). I use these on my face as a pre-cleanse step most of the time.
  • La Fresh Instant Body Soother - I was doing my usual 5 mile mini self tours of NYC and didn't have time to shower and this proved to be absolutely perfect. Didn't have to deal with doing a full shower routine, but felt fresh enough to interact with people! Not sure I'd purchase on my own as the La Fresh wipes are quite expensive, but they are effective!
  • ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - I haven't used these on my face since the first time I used them, they seriously stung my eyes, but I was going through my makeup and getting rid of expired and/or dried out products and these took the swatches off like a champ, and I think last time I checked they were still $1. Not good for my face, but my hand can handle these!

So there you have it, my empties for April and May. I was going to try out the "hair dye" from my previous post but it is storming outside and I have a thing about taking a shower when it's raining, so maybe that particular post will have to wait.

What have you finished recently?