Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Cover Girl Intesify Me! Liquid Liner

Cover Girl items were received for review purposes.

Before I start this review, I want to note a few things; first, I am horrible at applying liquid liner and I specifically stay away from it so if you're a pro at applying and think this looks interesting, don't let my review of it sway you from trying it out (you can always return it if you don't like it); and two, my husband and I had planned to see movies and then go out for dinner this past Saturday which would have been the perfect place to put non-waterproof items that claim longevity to the test (let's just say I easily get emotional during movies), but the theater would up changing the times so we walked around an air conditioned mall, sat in an air conditioned car and then ate dinner in an air conditioned restaurant, no crying involved.

The Cover Girl Intensify Me! liquid liner is super black and dries matte. It has an unusual shape. First of all, it's not quite a felt tip or a brush tip. It has no give and kind of reminds me of a marker in a way. And one part of the tip is perfectly flat and the other is a slim rectangle. This allows you to draw a very thin line or a thick line but you also have to be very careful to not bend the liner midway through so it doesn't tip to the other side.
 Thick side, and then when you turn it 90 degrees, you get the thin side below.
This is great if you have perfect eyesight and are perfect at applying liner. I, on the other hand, can barely see my eyes, even up close with a mirror without my glasses and kept on dotting the thick side on my eyelid. I was already running late according to our previous plans and wound up having to do a wing.
Yes I know it looks bad. It looks a bit better from far away, thank goodness and I was able to fix it a tiny bit before going out in public. What I did discover during applying this is although it hurts like a !@#$% to poke your eye with the marker, it is perfect for tight lining your upper lashline as you just gently tap the wide edge across. I would have stopped at that if not for the fact that I wanted to test whether it transferred to the lid and other important bits that I try to cover in a liner review. I didn't use an eye primer or shadow for that very reason.
From far away, it doesn't look awful, though my glasses cover up much of the problem areas!
This photo was taken about 9 hours after the initial application. No transfer to the upper lid. You can still see my horrible application, but it didn't seem to shift around and even though it took some effort to get the liner and mascara (review upcoming!) off my eyes, the liner itself washed off my hand with just soap and water.

I do want to mention as I tend to do that my skin is dry and things like foundation and eyeshadow tend to stick around longer than on some oily folks, but as far as first impressions go, I would buy this if I could just buy a pointy thin non rectangular felt tip, but since I can't and I have it, it'll be what I use to fill in the gaps on my upper lashline using the wide end and I won't even attempt this for properly lining the upper lashline or doing a wing, I prefer shorter thinner brush-like applicators for that. 

* Cover Girl products sent for review; lips were Butter London Ladybird which was also sent for review (review forthcoming) but I wanted to briefly mention how I freaking love this color - usually I can't do orange-red lips. Husband approved. Mission accomplished. Bad lining aside, he still liked the look so I can't complain too much but I wouldn't buy this.