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Review: H2O Sea Pure Line

My skin has always had a bit of an identity crisis. I've always known my skin was a bit drier than normal, but I also have considerable breakouts. And whenever I go to the shops and get recommended products, they are hesitant to give me something for dry skin as there is always the fear that the product will break me out (and they will invariably lose their commission when I return it). Either way, most moisturizing products don't tend to last very long on me and I'll be left with dry cakey foundation by the end of the work day (yes, I know, most foundations last all day on me, you oily girls have it hard - hey less wrinkles!).

As a Beauty Stat Blogger, I was recently given a chance to try a new skincare line by the brand H2O. My guess is many of you (or prove me wrong) have never heard of this brand before. I actually was a big fan when I worked at ULTA (their hand cream is quite nice by the way among other things). I'm actually kind of excited that they've started using social media to promote their products as what I've tried has been quite good but it never sold well. That's not to say I'll not be honest, of course.

Anyway, I was sent quite a few items from the Sea Pure Line which is their all natural (or close to) line and I've had a good amount of time to try them out and you can read my rambling thoughts below.

H2O Claims:
- Naturally awakens skin's renewal cycle (aka exfoliation)
- Reveals younger looking skin (aka anti-aging)
- Supplies antioxidant-rich moisture (aka for dry skin)

Now, this line says it is good for all skin types and I'm going to disagree. You'll absolutely love this line if you have dry skin. I think you'll find many of the products far too rich if you have oily skin.
A creamy, foaming cleanser that gently washes away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin's natural oils with Cell-Renewing Amino Acids, Apple Proteins and Sea Moss
This is a very thick, creamy cleanser that smells of lemons. It actually removed my face makeup (Revlon Photoready among others) but I would not recommend putting this close to your eyes as the lemon could be an irritant (could means I was dumb and got it in my eyes and it burned). I need about a pea sized amount for my entire face and it lathers well with a bit of warm water. I didn't feel as though this stripped my skin but I didn't experience any kind of oily residue (my skin felt clean). A few times I followed up with a cleansing wipe to notice no remaining makeup (sans eye makeup) on the cloth. I'd buy this again (for the first time? Like a virgin).
An non-drying toner to revitalize skin and enhance the effectiveness of moisturizers with Cell-Renewing Amino Acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Sea Moss
This also smells of lemons. I found the packaging of this quite ingenious has there is a nice pump on the product. A lot of tonics and toners have no dispenser or are a spray which unless it can do double the work and set your makeup makes little sense to me. This felt really nice and refreshing and didn't strip my skin. I'd buy this as well.

A gently exfoliating scrub massages away dull surface cells to reveal visibly brighter, smoother, glowing skin with bamboo extract and sea moss

This was something I wasn't the biggest fan of only because it seemed too gentle for me. I like when my facial scrub feels like it's doing something, and this almost seemed too rich like I would need to re-cleanse after. I bet this is probably the type of scrub my skin would prefer, as the MAC Microfine refinisher can be quite abrasive, but I prefer the uber-scrubbiness nonetheless. This I wouldn't buy.
A fast-absorbing eye cream formulated to help visibly repair and refresh the delicate skin around the eyes with cell-renewing amino acids, jojoba seed extract and Atlantic sea flora
Quite pricey for a little jar though most eye creams are. I do like this but I haven't noticed any huge difference in my under eye area. I have noticed it hasn't been quite as dry as I am really bad about using eye creams in general so any sort of moisture is good. I have applied this at night so I haven't been able to test whether or not this shifts my eye makeup during the day. I probably wouldn't buy this again, only because it's pricey and I never remember to use eye cream unless I'm testing out something for the blog!
I LOVE THIS STUFF! I am usually never so quick to profess my love for a $40 pot of moisturizer. This for me is the standout product of the set. It is very very rich. It takes a minute to absorb into the skin but this is something that has stopped the flaky dryness that I've been experiencing after wearing foundation for more than a couple hours. I have gone through about 1/5 of the pot (just my guesstimate of course) and I love it. Did I mention I love this? If you are very very dry and suffer from your skin sucking all of your foundation and causing you to look like a chalkboard and you can't powder after applying foundation, this is for you. This has made me look dewy for the first time in ages and a plus, it hasn't broken me out. But very rich and I'd stay away if you have oily or even combination skin. I will definitely be buying this again.  

So once again, the summary is in general I really like this line and I'll definitely be buying at the very least the Moisture Cream in the future. Good for dry skin, probably not so great for oily skin. Any questions, ask! Oh right, those that tend to dislike citrus scents should probably stay away as well (or those with allergy to citrus products), DH calls me lemon face every night when I get into bed now.
H20 is offering $25 off a $100 or more purchase with code 100288 through Monday, November 29th. They are also sold at ULTA. From what I've seen H2O routinely offers promo codes if $100 is more than you want to spend to try them out.

Disclosure: These products were received for review purposes.

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Lenore said...

I usewd H20+ as a gift and was lucky to have a store nearby. I was using face scrub and acne toner, until I became pregnant and my face broke out. I noticed it getting worse when using anything with saticylic acid, so the women at the H20+ store recommended SEA PURE, so far so good. I have to say I would use just about anything from the store, any line they have. But I do agree about the marketing, I wish more people knew about H20+, its all water based and has done wonders on my skin. I never had problem skin, just dull, I have never had so many compliments.
I would say its woth the $ to have great looking skin, and really, the price is low unless you are comparing drug store products, but products like clinique, chanel, etc I am sure are wonderful, but are way too expensive

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