Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Makeup Faux Paus

There are a ton of "normal" makeup faux paus out there: Overdoing the orange bronzer, sharpie eyebrows, or lipstick on your teeth. But I think there are some that people don't realize looks bad. I'm not usually a negative Nancy, but there a few things that have been bothering me for sometime and since I write this thing, I can post about it! Right? Of course right!

1. Too light/unblended inner corner highlight: There is nary a You Tube video tutorial that doesn't include inner corner highlighting. And yes, inner corner highlighting can be a good thing, but not when it looks like this. Yes, this was created in Paint and yes I was dumb and drew in the features before filling in the "skin" color. Gotta love the flat head, right? Anyway, this is not attractive. If you are going to use an inner corner highlight, please blend it. Even better, use a tone very similar to your skin tone or slightly lighter. Some shimmer is ok but please exercise caution! The point is to make your eyes look big and bright not to make people notice bright white dots next to your eyes!
2. Using too light concealer and highlighting the wrong places. Let me explain this (and sometimes I am guilty of this). If you put concealer on either side of your nose and let's say you might have some natural darkness underneath your nose (coughfacialhaircough) you are inadvertently creating more shadow there by concealing the area around your nose. If you suffer from hormonal acne around your chin, you may make your chin look larger if you are using light concealer if you don't go back and contour the area (also the coughfacialhaircough). The area between your chin and down to your neck should have natural shadow since it's below your head! I'm sure many are already aware of reverse panda eyes no explanation needed! The only other thing I want to mention is if you are using a red corrective concealer, one with a bit of yellow or green in it, it may be canceling the red out, but it may be highlighting that area! Be sure to go over with your normal concealer which is the color of your skin!

Any others you want to add? And yeah, sure I'll do a paint-version of your comments if you're amused by this.


cait said...

Alright, here goes.

Very cool shades paired with very warm shades. Like, for example, a look wearing a coral lip, peach cheeks, and lavender eyeshadow, altogether. I mean, really.

Kimberly said...

LOL! The second sketch needs a mustache wax job. OK, you've been using a hidden camera in my vanity and are gently correcting my faux paus.

Blusherine said...

:-D great post, I love it! Especially the pictures to illustrate your point, hilarious!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

LMAO! I hate unblended inner corners!

Olivia said...

I like your masterpieces! They kinda remind of something, some comic book character. LOL

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