Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner Look

I went out with my family last night to celebrate various birthdays. Mine is tomorrow, my Dad's was today and my brother's girlfriend celebrates hers this coming week. We went out to dinner as per tradition and I thought I'd share my eye look, though it isn't really out of the ordinary for me though I did use an Illamasqua pure pigment.

I was obviously still feeling the effects of the sangria since that was the only picture I took (and notice the wonky eyeball - thank you alcohol!). Peculiar. Anyway, I did my regular look but patted a bit of Incite right at the lash line for a little extra bronzey glow. I guess that shade is wearable after all! This was taken approximately 6 hours after application.

Sorry I'm so boring guys! I'm not sure how much color I can get away with especially around family!