Friday, March 25, 2011

Bath & Body Works Country Chic

I was in a nearby Bath & Body Works picking up my free monthly gift for the Love BBW Club and happened upon the newest scent from Bath & Body Works. It is called Country Chic and I couldn't agree with the naming more as it reminds me of "old school" scents from Bath & Body Works, back when they had a country cozy image. The minute I sniffed it, it took me back to the time when it was all farm-apple-stand-hay-country-cooking. Country Chic reminds me of two of some of my favorite old school Bath & Body Works scents mixed together: Sun Ripened Raspberry and Country Apple. I will say that I wasn't a big fan of the body spray that comes with the line, it is completely different from the lotion in my opinion, much more floral.
I bought the preview size for $1 which comes with a pretty decent coupon on the back if you want to spring for a full size.

Has anyone tried Country Chic yet? Did you like it?


amanda said...

I went to BBW yesterday for my Love BBW goodies too and only tried the spray version of this which I wasn't too into...But now that you mentioned the lotion being different, I will have to go back for a second sniff :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

amanda: Yes, definitely go back and sniff the lotion. I wasn't thrilled with the scent of the fragrance mist. I wish they made them the same, I'd love a mist in the lotion scent to layer!

debster592 said...

I finally tried it yesterday...I think it reminds me of the old "Rich Citrus Cream" scent I used to LOVE about 12 years ago :) I love it!

laura linger said...

The EDT is fabulous, too. My husband is crazy about it. There's a lovely sort of sandalwood element to the fragrance that is just under the lemon note. I love it.

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