Sunday, March 6, 2011

Inara Eye Look

It's been really gross here today, lots of rain, flood watches/warnings... basically I didn't want to step outside but I'm easily bored. So I decided to yet again be crazy and do something fun. I had done one of the looks I found while watching Firefly reruns and decided to try out the other one, the dark and smoky one this time.
I didn't do the whole face, but it looks like she is wearing a deep brick reddish raspberry on the lips and a lighter berry on the cheeks.

I basically did it from memory and she has no liner flick, just kind of a rectangular shape, but her eyes are more almond shaped than mine so I'm giving myself a pass.
As with all my 'looks', it's messy since unless I'm doing work on a client or on myself actually leaving the house (not like I would wear this out!), I am super impatient and don't really care how it looks! The above photo with the flash really accentuates the cool gold glitter I used on the eyes. It looks like Inara's lids are glittery even though the shot isn't up close.
What I used:
Milani Liquif-eye Metallic Eyeliner in Black to line, tightline & base
Bed Head Black eyeshadow patted over the liner to set
Illamasqua Incite patted over the black lightly to highlight the lid
Mary Kate & Ashley Sequin Dust in Pure Sparkle over top for added sparkle
Many layers of Cargo Lash Activator Mascara (trying to use up)

I was going to put on falsies but I couldn't find my lash glue, guh!

Hope everyone's Sunday has been less dreary and rainy than mine! Now to remove all of this, should be fun!


Kimberly said...

No rain here today. But it did start off overcast. I like that look on you. The falsies would been good too. So, is this a look you'd wear in public? I think you should!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kimberly: My husband said it looked like I got in a fight with a raccoon. His exact words were "it's a little too poppy for you"... don't think I'd wear this out, no. I probably would have when I worked at Sephora but not really now. I don't go clubbing or anything! =)

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

You do know that Firefly's back on TV, right? In HD? Science Channel is rerunning the series. They started tonight (Sunday March 6) and will run the whole series in the order intended.

Just thought I'd drop that in there... because, yay, Firefly!!

Jeweled Thumb said...

LiAnn: Nope! My husband have the whole series on DVD though, but it's cool they brought it back, kinda. I'm still mad they canceled it!

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