Monday, March 28, 2011

UK Swap With Jellyminx

It all started innocently enough when I was whining on twitter about not being able to get a hold of the Sleek Valentine's Day collection. The lovely Kelly of Jellyminx Thinks very generously volunteered to pick the blush from the collection up for me and I then volunteered to pick her up some US goodies and as they say, the rest is history! She went way way overboard and now I feel as though my package didn't compete with the amazing goodies she sent over.
First she sent me a stack of Organic UK chocolate from the brand Montezuma. DH has already stolen a bar and the rest are now in my kitchen so I'm not tempted to eat them all!
And then the huge pile of makeup goodies! Kelly absolutely spoiled me.
I'm super excited to try out items from the Accessorize line. She sent 3 of the nail polishes, #38 Aztec #41 Bronze and #40 Purple Dream

... and one of the Merged Blusher's in #4 Diva
Then she sent the MeMeMe Blush Me! in the color Rouge! I have been dying to try these MeMeMe dupes of the Benefit boxed powders so I was super excited to receive this. I'm planning on picking up a couple from the Hard Candy line soon too.
Bourjois eyeshadows in #93 and #14
A few items from the 17 brand which I believe is the sister brand to the Boots #7 line? Either way, I now am the proud owner of 3 of the Photoflawless eye pencils and the Mirror Shine lipcolor in Belle (!!!).
Yet another bubbled wrapped mini parcel contained 2 shades of the MUA eyeshadows (#13 a deep purple and #14 a greenish charcoal color) and 2 of the Barry M dazzle dusts (#51 which I believe is the ever popular mushroom and #24).

Oh wait, there's more...
My intense desire to try Sleek Pout Polishes is firmly blamed on Cami from Cami Loves Kiwi. Kelly sent me the shade Pink Cadillac and the Scandalous blusher that I had been coveting.
And Oilatum!!!!!!! And Vaseline Rosy Lips which isn't sold stateside.


If anyone wants a review of any of these items, please let me know! I am so excited to start playing with everything. Still feel a bit guilty as she spoiled me absolutely rotten!

Thank you Kelly for your generosity and also for your general awesomeness.


SiSi Sparkles said...

awesome swap! :] i can't wait to see your swatches

Kelly said...

Everyone deserves to be spoilt rotten once in a while hun ;) Here's the website for the chocolate, it's my favourite store ever :)

Glad you liked everything and more importantly I'm glad it all arrived safely :)

Kelly x

Jeweled Thumb said...

@SiSi: Anything you are dying of a review of first? There is so much!

@Kelly: You are so bad but thank you! Indeed! There was so much bubble wrap, it's a shock it didn't fly away. =p

My Lips But Better said...

Would love to read reviews of Oilatum, the Vaseline Lip Balm, and the Bourjois eyeshadows!

Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

wow she definitely picked some of the best of british for you!

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