Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dermablend(s) - The Search For A Color Match

Vichy Dermablend has been getting a lot of hype recently and for good reason. The high-pigment product has been around for years and now makeup artists, like Lisa Eldridge have brought it into the consumer spotlight. For those of us that are pasty, however, finding a color match in the range is a bit difficult.

Another brand simply called Dermablend has quite a few more colors than the 4 in the Vichy range and after sitting in traffic I took the road less traveled by and that made all the difference? Or in non poetic terms, I drove by the neighborhood ULTA and popped in to swatch.

I swatched at the store and it seemed I could have picked either Ivory or Fair but then they oxidized. I think Ivory is fairly neutral, Fair is very very pink and then Light looks like mustard to me personally. These were all the Leg & Body Cover Foundation as it seemed the color range for pale skin tones - and others it has 14 different shades - were more extensive and it is $27 for a big honkin' 3.4floz bottle which is awesome. I quickly compared the ingredients from the face to the body formula and there wasn't anything that screamed out to me to be much different. I actually found the body formula a bit more moist and not as dry and crumbly as the facial version. I might actually buy this.

Items in the swatch comparisons:
Becca Dual Concealer in Sherbet
Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Plus #15
ELF Studio Concealer Ivory (too yellow for me)
Prescriptives custom foundation *tear*
Dermablend Ivory
Dermablend Fair
Dermablend Light

All items were swatched on my NW0 (?) hand. Seriously, my skin is ghostly. Now if only Vichy or Dermablend would make a White long wear high pigment foundation for those of us that need the majority of these lines lightened.

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Renata said...

Hi. Yes, there is Dermablend Cover Cream in 'chroma 0'. It's really light. It is too light for me, and I never thought I would say this about a foundation.

Cover Cream is much better than the liquid foundation, in my opinion, and won't oxidize at all. Seriously, nothing!

And in case you are searching for an awesome concealer, check out the Smooth Indulgence. Again, the fairest one is actually too light for me, but there are many colors. (No, I don't work for the company, I just love these products.)

Ah, and these are Dermablend, NOT Vichy Dermablend. I don't know why there are two companies and two kinds of products, but they are not the same formulations.


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