Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I've Been Cheating

... on makeup

So, aside from the a relapse of my back, bronchitis and a trip to my in-laws, I've been cheating on makeup with tea! I know, it's a horrible thing. It all started (officially) with an order from Teavana in May. Then a bit later, I found tea blogs and then just after the tea blogs, I found Steepster which is like the makeupalley of tea. And I'm thoroughly addicted. I do have some posts coming up, including a review of the Stila Beauty Blender dupe, my August Birchbox (I know it's September, but I finally settled down and got over my brief disappointment/anger and will review it), mini-reviews/items I took on vacation and of course my August empties. No fear, I am still using makeup and have a ton of reviews in my head that need to get down on paper. I thank you for your support and staying with me during my multitude of distractions this summer.