Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to: Spread Your Unspreadable Lotions and Butters

You may recall that I was complaining a bit about thick lotions and butters. While I need these things on my dry sky (especially in the winter), applying them isn't always easy. I know many people say to rub your hand together and what-not to warm up the product but let's face it. It's cold, ever since I lost weight, I'm always cold and my hands are freezing. So the hand warming-up method doesn't exactly work.

Well, I figured it out! It came to me when I was trying to heat up some wax to wax my eyebrows since the eye wax warmer I bought didn't exactly work. I took some boiling water, stuck my wax pot in a glass pan and magically, my wax began to melt. Now, boiling water isn't necessary, but I tried this on some Egyptian Magic which is partially wax based, some super thick The Body Shop body butters and ran a bit of a steaming bird bath in my bathroom sink and low and behold, not only does the consistency get more application friendly, but I use less product, it sinks in faster, and it's warm when I apply it!

I don't think I'll ever apply super thick body butters straight from the tub again.