Sunday, March 29, 2015

Outfit and Makeup of the Night - v. 6th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary last night (technically the date is today, but a Saturday night dinner seemed more special somehow). We went to an amazing restaurant in downtown Bethesda (if you're local) called 4935 Bar and Kitchen. Highly recommend. I presume the guy that helped us out was the general manager - I wish I remembered his name, he was awesome. Anyway, because we were going to a nice place and it was a special event, I dressed up. I usually don't share fashion on this blog, but ever since I've lost weight, it's definitely been more of interest and if you can find this dress in your local Banana Republic, it is amazing - one of the best parts of it is it's one you don't have to pull over your head, so you can do your makeup before without fear of squirting foundation on it. I doubt I would pay full price (BR stuff is generally overpriced to begin with), because that's just not my thing, but it is just sexy enough without being inappropriate - I'd say it's sexy/classy - not something to wear to work though unless you're short. I really should have taken pictures before we left the house because by the time we came home, I had consumed 2 glasses of wine (and that is generally enough to get me there - I'm a bit of a lighweight) and the first thing I did was kick of my high heels and take off my tights (and yes, it's still cold enough in MD to wear tights). Long intro aside, I thought I'd show my makeup, my outfit and the food (though the blue ambient lighting made all the food blue tinted - I swear, it wasn't like that in reality)!

(thank you Facebook for doing the photo montage for me - apologies for the dirty mirror)
Business in the front - party in the back. =)

So by the time I got home, everything was perfect makeup wise aside from my lipstick wearing off. Here's what I wore:

After sifting through a number of shots with lazy - I had something to drink - eyes - here are the two pictures I found that best represented the eye makeup. It was super easy for the record.

I applied Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer all over. Chanel Ombre Unique Showlights in Coquin was applied in the crease, just above and a little on the lid and Jemma Kidd i-Design in Vanity Fair was applied to darken the crease, in the outer-v and on the lower lashline all applied with the ipsy brush which is one of my favorite crease brushes. I curled my lashes with my newish Tweezerman eyelash curler and then applied a coat of the Cover Girl Clump Crusher by Lash Blash Very Black on the upper lashes; following by a coat of Maybelline Lash Discovery in Very Black (Waterproof) to seal the top and also applied this on the bottom. I really should just admit defeat and say this is empty and get a mascara topcoat so I can use my non waterproof mascara. Any recommendations?

For the face, I used my trusty Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13 (a newer tube since finishing one last year). Underneath I used the Tarte Colored Clay CC Primer in fair and to set, the Urban Decay All Nighter. For blush I used Tarte's Amazonion clay 12-hour blush in Fearless and a Red Earth blush brush. This sample has lasted forever since it is so so so pigmented. It gives a lovely pink flush but I wish I could buy a mini since I would never in a million years get through a full size. I think I've used this sample 10 times and I still have more! My lips before consuming dinner were the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss in #120 red-medium (I love these!), and my perfume of the evening was Bath and Body Works Forever Red.

I'll cut this off here and add photos of food behind the cut.

And now for the food. It was delicious and we were absolutely stuffed and brought most of it home. The prices for this place are a bit high, but the portions are also big so it works out.
We had a groupon (referral link - it's still available if you're local) which allowed us to order 1 appetizer, 2 entrees and 1 dessert and 2 glasses of wine (for $60 - a steal). There were some restrictions, but they were lifted by the awesome general manager (we can only assume - since he kept on talking about his staff and had the authority to pretty much ignore the groupon restrictions. We'll be back for sure. Anyway, we started with the Tandoori Chicken Tacos (above) which were delicious. They also serve free obviously made-in-house naan - it's kind of an eclectic American/Indian mix.
I had the Rockfish (or some of it anyway), with spicy cauliflower, greens and some sort of relish which was slightly spicy and sweet.
 My husband had the Branzino, but subbed out the spicy broccolini for mashed potatoes. His plate is... white, but there was some asparagus under his fish. I had a taste and it was all very good.
And for dessert, which we barely managed to eat a third of, was cheesecake with fresh fruit (we managed that!). You can see our leftovers in the background. We almost never order appetizers and they don't reheat as well as something that fish. I can stick some fish in our toaster oven and it'll taste great... tacos would get soggy, ya know? Another view of the cheesecake, I'm not unhappy to have some in our fridge. ;)
I also had some decaf coffee which was good.