Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2014 Empties Part III

It's Part III of my 2014 empties (reference Parts I and II here and here). This time it's Bath and Body (and sorta miscellaneous - but they involve the body, so they mostly count).

Cuticles & Super Dry Skin
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil 5ml - While I do love the tarte oil on my face, I found this little baby size perfect for applying to my cuticles.
  • Atopalm - This came in a beauty box or a free sample with an order. I think I may have another one hiding somewhere. I hated it on my face. It was too sticky and thick and hard to spread (repeat for any other skin), but when it came to my cuticles, it was awesome! Seriously, I have to go digging for my other jar. Also, I did like it on kind of dry and crusty (ew sorry) blemishes to kind of gently exfoliate them on the go. I carried this with me and used every last sticky drop.
  • Shea Terra Menthe Cardamon Ultimate Moisturizing Body Cream - Similarly to the Atopalm, I found this simply too thick to spread, even though my body tends to be super dry. But then I tried using this on my cuticles and loved it! I think in my favorites post I mentioned that I'd likely try another scent, but I wouldn't say no to one of these little jars again.

I don't think I've technically reviewed it, but I love the Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream as you can see above. I literally got every last drop out of that tube and now I give it and the lip balm to all of my friends as gifts since they are so awesome. This was the 2.5floz size in the old packaging.

Someone remind me for the zillionth time that I should only buy small minis of products so I actually use them up and don't get bored. Not that I'll listen, but I should!
  • The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Butter (50ml) and The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (50ml) - These were delicious. My only qualm was the body scrub lasted for maybe 2 or 3 showers and the butter lasted much longer. But unlike some TBS scrubs in the past, this one was actually scrubby! I'd rebuy both products, but again, I should stay with the small sizes.
  • The Body Shop Satsuma Beautifying Oil - I love these oils. I usually use them as a shaving pre-treat (which is reasonable only if you get them on sale) or after shaving. I don't really use them on my hair or my face though I have occasionally. Something about putting a fragranced product on my face, I don't know, it just seems strange to me. Anyway, I will certainly repurchase, although for the first time in many years, I have let my Love Your Body membership lapse; trying to declutter a bit in the bath & body department.
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Honey & Coriander Body Lotion 27ml - Apparently I was into citrus scents last year. Anyway, this was actually a hotel sample which I thoroughly enjoyed while traveling and used up. I think I may have another lurking somewhere... hmm... Not sure I'd repurchase, but it was quite nice!
  • Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Blueberry - As I mentioned in my review, I wasn't a huge fan of this, but I did use it up. Not only did I use it up, I cut the tube since it was rather thick and I know I didn't get all of it out. There are cheaper shaving creams out there that are superior, especially for ladies with dry skin so I wouldn't purchase.
  • Le Couvent des Minimes Skin Softening Honey & Shea Body Balm 50ml - (I am having a minor freak out as I can't find this on their website - thank goodness for back ups!) So if your legs feel as freaked out as mine do on the daily and especially after shaving, then you would (sigh) love this stuff. It's a balm, but the butters actually melt in your hands unlike some high intensive body care items (hint: the items I wound up using as cuticle butters) and it easily spreads over even the roughest of skin. I like shaving (well actually, I hate shaving), but after shaving, I slather my legs in this and put on a pair of comfy pajama pants and in my morning, I don't feel like I want to claw my legs off. Now where are those back ups... all this cleaning has messed up my messy organization. 
  • The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel - I used this as a shower gel and it lasted forever. But I got through the full 8.4floz bottle! Go me! This was lovely and a bit thicker than The Body Shop's normal shower gels (which are a bit more runny). But I seriously don't need anymore shower gel and I don't know how some people get through them so quickly!
  • LUSH Happy Hippy Body Gel 3.3floz - I don't know why I expected this to smell like patchouli, but it was a lovely citrus scent (again with the citruses). The only annoying thing was my exfoliating gloves kept on getting caught in the cap.
  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love 1oz - I love these little 1oz sizes and they are great for traveling. It doesn't hurt that I've found the Philosophy shower gels some of my favorites as they tend to be slightly thicker than the others. I'm going to keep this little bottle around since I have a big (I know I know) Love Sweet Love to decant.
And finally, some slightly random bits that don't really fit into any of the other categories:
  • Butter London Powder Room Lacquer Remover - Well they weren't kidding about the name. This stuff smells vile (well unless you love the smell of acetone mixed with baby powder). This came free in a set and as you can see, there's still some left - but I won't subject myself or my husband to anymore of this. Just no.
  • Fancy Dove Deodorant that's supposed to make your hair not grow as fast... meh
  • Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer - Awesome in the summer and lasts for way more than 5 washes. Sorry for the packaging. It got a little damp. Anyway, these are great if your feet are feeling a little funky; either from socks and boots in the winter or sandals in the summer. A little bit of scrubbing (though be gentle the first few times - they are rough), some warm water and your feet will be looking and smelling like new. Love.
Two 2014 empties posts remain! Now to toss these!