Friday, April 2, 2010

NOTD: Essie Rubies/Ruby Slippers

Also known as the blingiest bling that ever blinged.

I asked DH what color I should paint my nails tonight and offered up the shades that I bought yesterday. Speaking of which, the Nina color held up remarkably well - I had some tip wear yesterday and today, there were a few chips but it could have stayed on a few more days if necessary. Anyway, as I listed off the colors, taupe, "what?", pink, red glitter.. he chose the red glitter.

I don't know what it was about this manicure, but the Essie that I used as my first coat (the red in the trio "Rose Bowl") went on so smooth! I was shocked how easy it was to apply and the first coat was near perfect! Maybe it was the Barielle that I used as the base coat? Anyway, this manicure was a few steps but I have bad experiences with glitters peeling off after only a day or so, so I tried a few thin coats rather than globbing it on so it would show.

Base Coat: Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage
First Coat: Essie Rose Bowl
And then 2 very thin coats of Essie Rubies Slipper (is it a typo? Shouldn't it be Ruby, singular, one ruby slipper? Anyway, what you really want to see are pictures, right?)

My photography skills are lacking, well it's moreso that I'm dealing with yellow-ish artificial lighting. This is much more "red" than it looks here.



Fee said...

Oo very like my NOTD the other day - Red Glitter by Barry M. Which was the WORST ever nail polish to take off.

I love love love red glitter nail polish.
I so need Ruby Pumps by China Glaze - the most perfect red glitter.

Fee xx

P.S - My mangomend still hasn't turned up :((

Olivia said...

If you clap your hands together, will you find your way back home?

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Fee: Ohhh! You haven't heard of the aluminum foil trick?!? Ok, I am going to save your glitter-d polish life.

=/ re: Mango Mend. I'll try sending again sometime this week. I'll e-mail day of.

@Olivia: Possibly... or maybe DH is hoping me and my cosmetics end up in Kansas... hm

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