Monday, April 5, 2010

An Old Rediscovery

And of course, as my luck typically goes, a discontinued product from The Body Shop. Like many with large-ish stashes, I tend to rotate my products and often forget about ones not currently in rotation, like these gems. I'm afraid this post isn't particularly helpful for most of you though you might still be able to find these on swapping sites or Ebay. I don't recall when I bought these, or how much they cost. I don't know when they were discontinued. But The Body Shop gods brought back another product I loved so I can hope they do it again, right?
I'm referencing The Body Shop Cheek Blush/Blush Cremes. Each little tube has 8mL of product (or .2oz). I own two. Grape/Rose #5 which is the perfect "I just got in from the cold" flush and Golden Pink/Rose #4 which kind of reminds me of Nars Orgasm, a peachy pink with very fine golden shimmer (not glitter!). You can tell I've made quite the dent in the Grape/Rose color as it's been my go-to shade for the past 2 weeks now that my cheeks aren't quite as red or bumpy thanks to the new skincare! I'm always been hesitant in the past to go with red-ish blushes due to my ruddiness and instead opt for peaches, but now I have other options.

These blushes are silicone based, so they glide over the skin and have great staying power. A small little dab is quite enough for a natural look (you'll see in the swatches below just how pigmented these guys are). I find the formula keeps them for sinking into pores or lines on the face (or dry patches). What can I say? I love them.
The top two photos are natural light and the bottom two are artificial. I've shown varying opacity so you can see how they are at full pigment and spread out to more of what effect you'd get on your cheeks. I love these. The Body Shop, bring these back!!!!!!!

ingredients: propylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, isododecane, polymethyl methacrylate, dextrin palmitate, silica, myristyl lactate, cyclomethicone, disteardimonium, hectorite...

uh, I just discovered that I smeared off some of the ingredient list, oops (yes, I'm typing this all out by hand and yes the writing is teeny tiny)! Anyway, you get the idea. There's also mica, a few dyes, talc, propylparaben, barium sulfate, titanium dioxide, marula oil and a few other things.

Either way, as you can see, I'm not terribly sensitive to ingredients and I don't read prior to application. Um, and these are the bomb! Why do bad things always happen to good people? I deserve good things, like awesome blush that probably has a reasonable price tag! Right? Of course Right (Fiddler reference)!


Caitlin said...

These look great, that's so sad that they're discontinued :( I've never tried anything from the body shop, but i've been contemplating wether to get the lip and cheek tint or not!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Caitlin: If you need any recs for their stuff, let me know! I'm a huge fan and have been using their makeup since I was 13 (I'm 26 now if that's any indication). =)

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