Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This article from the LA Times has been making its way across the blogosophere lately and for good reason. I bet we all know that testers are not beacons of cleaniness but it certainly gives you the reminder that everything needs to be santized. I always cringe when I see girls in Sephora apply the tester mascara wands to their eyelashes which happens more often than not unfortunately!

What are your thoughts?


StardustStephanie said...

I'm not a big germaphobe. Germs are everywhere and that is the inevitable. However, places like Sephora with open samples everywhere do bother me. I've seen people put the lipstick from the tube right on their lips and also seen people putting the mascara on from the tube on their lashes. It's disgusting. I think it's either people are selfish or just uneducated.

Lately, if I want to test a color at Sephora I just put in on my hand and not on my face and wash it off immediately. I think that's a happy medium. You don't want to to be phobic about it to the point where you can't enjoy testing makeup anymore! You also don't want to go on slathering on your face when who knows what has been on there before.

Jean said...

I honestly don't test makeup very often at stores, because the germs skeeve me out. One of the only times I have tested makeup at a store was actually at a MAC counter, and they were great about completely sanitizing the lipstick before I tried it.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Stardust Stephanie: I completely agree with you. Unless it's in a pump (like some foundation and skincare) I test on my hand. Either people don't know or they ignore the fact that thousands of people have touched the product they are touching!

@Jean: Most counters have better hygenic standards than places like Sephora where it's a free for all! The SAs can't go around and sanitize every sample in Sephora, at counters there's not as much chaos!

Thank you both for your thoughts!

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