Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spell Cosmetics

Due to Lillian's review of some Spell Cosmetic items, I made an order during their 40% off sale. First of all, I received excellent customer service even before I made my order. The website wasn't taking the discount off the items and I was retweeted quickly and very nicely by the owner, Elle (at least, I think that's the face behind the twitter account) regarding the glitch. It was corrected rather quickly and I happily made my order.

Well, after a few weeks of waiting and not having received my package, I tweeted Spell again, asking if there was anyway to track my order since I hadn't received it yet. Once again, Spell responded quickly and very politely asking for the name the account is under (I don't have my packages shipped to the most elusive 'Jeweled Thumb'). Even though the response time was more than adequate, she apologized for the delay.

Ok, just a side not here. You know how I posted the "what not to do's" for businesses using social networking sites? Spell passes this with flying colors (which is one of the reasons I ordered from them). I follow them on twitter and they are just "there" enough, very responsive, but not offensive at all. Their blog also shares enough and shows they care about their customer base and they often do charity events.

Back to the customer service review, can you tell I'm pleased yet?

Anyway, without as much as a peep from me, Elle didn't just offer to resend my package (which I'm assuming that my post office lost, as they did that Stila package that was supposed to be part of one of my previous giveaways - remember that? Yeah, still no sign), she simply messaged me back saying she sent it a second time!

So, what did I order anyway?
Oh, another thing, for a "replacement" package, it was still wrapped with care. Everything, excluding the free full sized eyeshadow sample, was wrapped in purple tissue paper with a nice stretchy silver bow.
I ordered the entire Jewel Thief collection as I couldn't pick just one, "Our Autumn '09 Collection of 7 "de-dusted" shadows, specially formulated with moisture attracting properties! Available in 7 lusterous shades!" - can't wait to try. The colors look very rich.

And I also ordered the set of Hologlosses after Lillian raved about them. I can't wait to try them over some lipstains. To me, they looked just like the crazy expensive Thierry Mugler glosses that have been making their way across the blogosphere. And finally the free shadow, Bellini.

I really like the understated silver and black logo. It's elegant to me and almost has a Gothic (not Goth - Gothic - like Gothic Architecture) feel to it - the scroll work on the label of the sample shadow especially (I'm not sure if you can see the scroll work since it's shiny). I also appreciate the safety seal. It seems like it is coming from an established company.

Anyway, I will be posting reviews of the actual products in upcoming posts, but until then, as far as customer service is concerned, I give Spell shiny gold stars. I hope their products perform just as well!

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review or even suggested to. I bought all the above (excluding the free gift that was a site special) with my own hard-earned cash. =)


Caitlin said...

Hmm, i'm always iffy about trying new cosmetic brands, but this one seems promising!

spifftiff88 said...

Those lip products look great

Gold Dusk said...

Hmm I don't own and Spell Cosmetics stuff, but I can't wait for the reviews! That's good to hear that they have good customer service, some sites are pretty shitty.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Caitlin: So far so good. Reviews coming soon-ish. =)

@Spifftiff88: They are super cool looking.

@Gold Dusk: Oh I know, or they go attacking customers. As much as I like supporting small businesses, some make you not want to support them with their antics!

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