Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Haul

I usually don't post a lot of haul posts but I thought I would share what I picked up at the mall yesterday. If you guys want to see more or less of these sorts of posts, please let me know.

First I stopped by Sephora for the VIB sale (15% off). I had store credit so even though I usually shop online, I had to buy in store. I picked up the very last Legally Bronze set (hooray!). I've been wanting this set for quite sometime so getting it for under $30 was awesome!
I also bought one of the Korres shadows I've had my eyes on 46S. For $7 or $5.95 after the VIB discount, I didn't feel guilty spending a few extra dollars above my store credit. It's one of those, not quite green, not quite gray shades. And silky smooth as most of the Korres shadows are. Love! After discounts and store credits I only wound up spending $7.10 - definitely keeping in line with my spending diet.
I also was due for my 4 point gift from The Body Shop's Love Your Body program. The 4 point gift is after you've spent roughly $100  and you get $15 off any item. I was looking forward to going to TBS because they brought back the Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo! As I've mentioned, my scalp is a mess but my husband isn't a fan of tea tree scents; this is one of the only non-scented tea tree shampoos that actually works. And haircare is currently BOGO50 so I stocked up in fear that they'll discontinue this again!
Due to the 4 point gift, I only spent $7.16 on both bottles. Score! Cheaper than drugstore shampoo.

The next item was a bit an impulse buy. I usually stop into the LUSH at this particular mall (which I don't go to often since it's often crowded and not super close by) but I don't buy often. Anyway, I noticed they had the Naked set available so I took a look-see and bought it. You can read about the particulars on the LUSH site - for $20 it's a good way to try out a few different products, and I haven't tried about 1/2 of them myself. The super nice sales associate also threw in 2 samples for me.
So not too much damage! For about $36 I got a lot of new goodies to try out.


Lillian Funny Face said...

Oooh god i wish we had a Sephora here!

Recessionista! said...

What a fun haul. I am a sucker for those not-quite-green/not-quite-gray shades! I can't believe I've never tried a Korres e/s. I love Korres! How's the staying power?

Lacey said...

I wish there was a Sephora nearby. There's a Lush, but it's like 5-6 hours away! :(

♥ Miss Nikka said...

I bought that set too..such a great deal! I love the high beam!

Risyaa♥ said...

I wish we had a Sephora here :(
I so want that Benefit set~~ ^^

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lillian: I'm sure plenty lovely ladies stateside would do CPs for our friends overseas!

@Recessionista: I haven't yet tried this particular korres, but I love their shadows. I haven't had any issues with staying power but I always wear a base. YMMV? For $7 on sale (at Sephora and the Korres site, they are worth a shot though)!

@Lacey: Are you able to order online?

@Miss Nikka: Yay! I'm glad you were able to grap this set. It's such a great value!

@Risyaa: Aww. I'm sure ladies would be willing to CP for you though! Always an option. =)

Stephanie said...

I'm curious what you think of the korres shadow? I was not that impressed with mine when it came to using my brush. It just wouldn't pick up but my fingers did the trick.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Stephanie: What kind of brush did you use? I quite like this particular shade and the others I've picked up, though the pigment does tend to be on the softer side.

Stephanie said...

I tried a bunch of different brushes. ecotools, sephora pro, smashbox, elf, just anything. I'd hate to think it was my brushes but my brushes work on all my other shadows from drugstore to highend. Just somehow they did not work on these Korres shadows. I think maybe I got a bad batch or that's why they were discontinued.. I have the golden color and I tried the purple one but I returned it.

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