Friday, July 23, 2010

Me Being Verbose: Topic Lipgloss

Ever since I've been on a medication regimen that has left my dry lips even drier (if that was even possible, oh, it is), I've been slathering my lips with a few lip products that I'm anxious to use up. Not only because they are nearly finished but because I don't even remember when they were bought except as a glimmer of a thought relating to college. This means they are, or should be, way past their prime.

No matter, that certainly hasn't stopped me before in using products that many magazine editors would have suggested I bin ages ago.

And because of my sudden urge to use and use up products, I've uncovered some favorites and realized what I'm not really a fan of.

Also, just for the record, I wanted to disclose that I bought 2 Revlon Super Lustrous lipglosses yesterday at CVS. It's a sickness.

First realization, I dislike minty lip products.

I shudder to think how many lipglosses that I have with a mint scent because after slathering my lips in the CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint (in #1137 which is a nice neutral pink - possible discontinued or renamed) I found I really could do without the mint scent. My biggiest qualm with it is that it makes fruity flavored water beverages taste absolutely disgusting and then I don't drink enough and get dehydrated. I can even do without the fresh breath, I'm married after all, my husband has smelled my morning breath and we're still together (unusual!). Texture is ok, goes non-glossy a bit faster than other glosses but then looks like I have on a mauvey lipstick instead, so not horrible. I seriously get this urge to grumble everytime I reapply because the tube doesn't seem to want to end, but I swear, it will end up in an Empties post soon. And one last irk, the packaging is like a little magnet for dirt. I have no idea why but there's a reason this post includes a stock image and not a photo of my tube.

Second realization, MAC lipgelees are amazing and rather undervalued in the MAC line (in my humble opinion of course). I have 2 of these little gems that I swapped for ages ago that are close to being done and they are just so pleasant. Thick but not too thick, moisturizing, not sticky, light pigment which is great for my pigmented lips (I prefer the ones without any shimmer or glitter). Unoffensive vanilla scent, fairly inexpensive for the size. I find them similar to the Cremeglass formula except a heck of a lot less expensive! But I have no issue with being one of few to love and post about how wonderful they are; more for me (but come on MAC, did you have to go and discontinue most of the colors of these? Ugh)!

And the obvious third assessment in this little unplanned project is I have too many lip products, but this was something both you and I already knew.


~Lisa said...

Haven't tried any of these but I personally don't mind the minty-ness. I haven't tried the MAC lipgelees but it sucks how the things ppl like always get discontinued!

ndoodles said...

That's so weird- I LOVE CO Bigelow's lip glosses. I don't mind the mint and it is probably one of the most moisturizing things ever! Too bad you don't like it - I have one and I've used it since January and it is almost gone - like 70% gone. Maybe even more but I just don't like the idea my favorite l/g is being used up!

Miilo1218 said...

Your just like me i hate minty lipglosses they make my lips tinglr and mac makeup is awesome fullstop!!! LOL Just followed you can you follow my beauty site @ THANKS LOVE MIILOBEAUTY:D

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