Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Youngblood Eyeshadow Quad in Purple Majesty

I've been meaning to try this brand for quite awhile, so when it made its way into this year's Allure Beauty Box/Bag, I was excited to finally get to try the brand. Youngblood is a fairly luxe mineral makeup brand but unlike some of its indie counterparts, the line offers pressed eyeshadows. As much as I love the creativity that comes along with loose mineral (and otherwise) pigments, my eyesight prefers them pressed, or rather, my lack of eyesight.

Youngblood offers individual pressed and loose shadows for $19 and $18 and pressed eyeshadow quads for $39.

The quad comes in a metal palette, with a mirror in the interior and the names of the shadows and some other information on the back of the quad. It comes with sponge tip applicators as well.
Purple Majesty comes with 4 different shades, ranging from pale white to a plummy shade. All the shadows in this quad have a bit of shimmery glow to them. None of what I would call glitter.
I wore two different combinations of the shadows for 2 days, one of those days I was lounging around the house and didn't really do much of anything so I didn't really "count" that, but yesterday I went ahead and wore the shadows to work with Urban Decay Primer Potion and they lasted all day. Now, they lasted all day, but the pigment of these is very soft. These are purple, yes, but they are very work-safe purple shades.
Moonstone, the pale white shade, instantly gives a glow to the lids. I found this shade a touch powdery but it created a really pretty brightening look. However, again, the pigment is soft.
Lilac Bouquet, the 2nd shade, is a very very pale lavender. I couldn't really tell a huge difference between this and Moonstone once applied on the lids.
Heather Smoke is a deeper purple shade. I used this shade in the crease, this shade did have more pigment than the two lighter in the quad
Wild Orchid is a plummy shade that has quite a bit of a red undertone. I used this shade in the crease and this was my least favorite shade in the quad since it can kind of look bruisey once applied. 

I'd call these shades more of a satin texture, none were matte, none had tons of sparkle or shimmer, but they did have a glow. As I said, I found this quad very work appropriate and I really like the glow Moonstone gives to my lids but all in all, I wasn't terribly impressed with this quad. I even took a FOTD picture, but you can't really tell I'm wearing eyeshadow in it.

While Moonstone is a great shade and I'll think I'll wear it frequently, there are tons of pale shimmery whites on the market at all different price points. I'm glad I got the chance to try these at the price I did, but I wouldn't rebuy and/or pay full price.

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