Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review: TBS Wild Cherry Body Scrub

As I recently posted about, The Body Shop Semi-Annual sale is currently going on now. I took the opportunity to pick up this full sized body scrub for the amazing price of $5. Now, don't ask me why I ordered this seeing as I've never been the biggest fan of TBS body scrubs: they are either way too oily or not scrubby enough for me. So what am I using this for, you ask? Hand scrub! The potted scrub isn't very shower friendly, but it's great right by the sink. It's not super scrubby, but it's enough (in addition to the seeds, there are granules) to do a nice job of lightly exfoliating my hands/cuticles.
The texture is kind of weird. It jiggles and it is a very thick. The smell is great though. It's a very light juicy cherry smell and sticks around lightly on my hands after using the product and no residual greasy oil build up. So, not a bad thing for $5 - $20 though, ehh? but can we get some scrubs in a tube please. Are you hearing me bath & body companies? Stop with these silly tubs!

The Body Shop Semi-Annual sale ends on Monday, July 5th and until tonight you can get free shipping with a $35 or more purchase with the code FREESHIP35. Has anyone hauled or is planning on it before the sale ends?


ndoodles said...

Thanks for letting me know. The scrub looks like jelly!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ndoodles: It really does! It jiggles too. Believe me, I was far more amused than I should have been shaking the jar back and forth. =p

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