Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yes, I am back with more used up products and this time I even have some makeup items other than mascara and lip balm that I've finished (this is a momentous occasion)!
24.7 Skincare Daily Purifying Facial Scrub - I bought this at CVS (I believe this is a CVS only brand) on sale quite awhile ago - maybe a year (?) - and it has lasted forever. I haven't used this everyday, more like 2x a week or so and it does a really good job of getting rid of flaky skin on my face. I use in infrequently because it tends to be a little drying since it has something in it that makes your skin tingle after application. However, it doesn't break me out and as long as I moisturize after showering, it works really well. I won't repurchase right away because I have a few other scrubs to use (I didn't expect this to last so long!) but I imagine this would be good for oily to combination skin. People with totally dry skin might want to stay away or use more infrequently.

The Body Shop Seaweed Night Treatment - I've already sang the praises for this product here. I really like this night treatment and I used it religiously for nearly 2 months - maybe closer to 3 - before it was finished (so that's a decent deal for the price tag). I'm currently testing some other skincare items so unless I fall in love with them, I'll definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

Exuviance Skin Caring Foundation in Ivory - I already talked about this here. I can't believe I've finished a foundation! This one still has some product in it but I've even opened it even to get every last bit I could out so I've deemed it finished. I really like this foundation and I'll rebuy when I've used up a few others. Not thrilled that Exuviance has increased the price on this sucker since the last time I've bought it but it's a good foundation, lasts on the face in the summer, doesn't break me out and has added sun protection. For me though I consider this more a summer foundation because it tends to get sucked up around dry patches in the winter. 

MAC Powerpoint in Forever Green - It dawned on me that I don't mention MAC a lot on this blog. I just feel that MAC is really saturated out there but it doesn't stop me from loving and using the products. The powerpoints are by far my favorite eye liner formulation from MAC. They go on easy, they last all day and the colors are great too. I have a swatch of Forever Green here. And yes, I have a back up at the ready for this shade.

Bioinfusion Tea Tree Shampoo - This was in a previous Empties post. Yes, I finished another bottle of shampoo. Truly ground breaking. =)

Have you used up anything recently? Would you repurchase?


Lillian Funny Face said...

Ooh congratulations on the empties! I'm just finishing up a lip balm and have finished some boring toilettry stuff. Actually i'm quite close to finishing my first ever foundation!

Krystal Leigh said...

Good job! I've going to do a project 10 pan soon!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lillian: That's exciting! I feel as though I never finish cosmetics! I even get excited about finishing boring stuff like hair stuff!

@Krystal: Ooo, are you going to be keeping track on your blog? I need inspiration to do something similar.

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