Monday, July 26, 2010

NOTD: Nicole Peas & Qs

I'm actually kind of amazed I've managed to use polishes that I've recently hauled! Usually polishes, will sit in my untried for weeks, oh who am I kidding, months before I try them out.

A lot of nail bloggers aren't a fan of the Nicole by OPI bottle, but I actually really like it. It reminds me of an old style inkwell and well, I have an affinity for old artsy things as my primary concentration in Architecture school was Historic Preservation. I also like that the base of the bottle is large (like an inkwell) so even though I'm clumsy, I haven't managed to nearly knock it over like some other bottles of polish.

Peas & Qs reminds me of something else from Architecture school: our studio fridge, an ancient avocado green fridge. This is more minty but with the bottle and the color combined, I get pangs of memories from school.
This was 2 coats. And yes I managed to score this for just under $2.


Pink Julep Abroad said...

Great color!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Pink Julep: Thank you! Formula is pretty nice too. You can never be sure with pastels. =)

Kristie said...

I like this color on you. Every time I try a minty green, I end up feeling like a lepechraun.

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