Thursday, October 7, 2010

A MAC Story

When I got off work today, I got on the road leading to the highway I take home and saw a line of trucks and cars sitting on the overpath so I decided to take the scenic route home through an area with a shopping mall with a Macy's and a MAC counter. I was interested in looking at the Villainous Villains collection even though I wasn't a huge fan of the packaging and I was sure that most of the line was sold out. And I kind of wanted to try out the Pro Longwear foundation even though MAC foundations generally aren't the best color match for my skin.

I made my way to the counter, looked around for a bit and one of the artists came around to help me. I asked about the Pro Longwear foundation and was soon whisked off to one of the chairs. He started by applying the Studio Moisture Cream which was actually really nice. I think the MAC skincare line is often overlooked, especially by me (although I do love the Microfine Refinisher). Then he pulled out a MAC 190 brush and started applying the foundation in NW20. I wasn't a huge fan of the color on me, it pulled a bit yellow on my skin, at least I thought so. Then we tried the Mineralize Foundation which I felt was also a bit off. Finally, he pulled out Studio Fix Powder in NW15 and I was a bit reluctant as my skin is dry and is a bit dehydrated right now (partially my fault). But after applying it with the MAC 109 brush, I looked like my skin was airbrushed and the color match was perfect so I might go back for that.

I want to just say that the artist, by the way his name is Joe and he's the counter manager, was super fun. I really didn't feel like I was getting a makeover as such, we basically, what's the phrase, "shot the shit". I asked for a winged eye look and he did a great job considering my eyes are round but it just doesn't look right on me (it's nice knowing it's not just me being near blind during application!) and the smolder eye kohl kept on transferring which was a bit funny. Smolder was smoldering! Ok, maybe you had to be there.

He tried a few different beauty powders from the collection. They didn't impress me too much. For my eyes he went for a very soft daytime look besides the crazy wing (which garnered attention from a nearby soccer mom. Joe joked, "we're doing the makeup for her wedding" and the soccer mom looked aghast and said it was a bit strong... just kidding lady!) He used a little bit of Omega (if I remember correctly) in the crease, Sweet Joy (from Cruella) on the lid with a tiny bit of Paradisco right along the outer lashline for a pop of color. Very nice soft look.

I felt sorry for taking up so much of his time (I think I was there for a bit over an hour) and apologized for not wanting to buy a lot, but he was totally cool. No hard sell, friendly, humorous and very fun. I did wind up picking up a replacement brush cleanser and one of the Nail Lacquers from the new collection.

I highly recommend if you are near the Wheaton's Macy's to stop by the MAC counter and let Joe take care of you there. They also have quite a bit of the Villainous Villains collection left in stock if you've been looking.

Joe also claims he is coming to read the blog so Hi!


joseph said...

Ha! I don't make false claims, and I love this blog about our interaction!!! I had a great time and can attest to the debauchery (I wonder if the smolder will be done transferring by tomorrow)? I'm glad that you had fun, and I hope that people will read this and come to our counter and have a good a time as you did! See you soon (I have your Studio Moisture Cream and Studio Fix on hold ... and the Microfine is being discontinued, so you can buy the rest of the ones we have, LOL).

PoorCollegeStudent said...

Great story! Love your blog!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Joe: I hope some of my local readers come and visit you too! The Microfine is being discontinued?!? Are they replacing it with something? Shoot.

@PCS: Aww thank you hon. I love yours too! =)

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