Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Pangea Organics Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Lipcare

A few months ago, I picked up this lip balm at Beauty Express, which is a store similar to Trade Secrets at my local-ish outlet mall (yes the same one with the CCO). These sticks usually retail for $12 but I managed to pick this up for only $3 so I figured it was worth a try. I recently finished the Cocoa Butter Care Stick from The Body Shop so I switched to another lip balm in my arsenal/collection/obsession pile.
Pangea Organics is a natural line of mostly skincare and bath & body items. The brown eco-chic packaging is simple but smart. I find the line pretty pricey, $14 for hand soap? $12 for lipbalm? Organic or not, you'd be hard pressed to find me paying that kind of cash on a regular basis.

Even with the $12 price tag, this lip balm packs a hefty size. The tube is .25oz (for reference my TBS balm is .15oz). It's your typical plastic packaging but the twist to lift the product is at the top. I find the texture of this has slightly more slip, but it's not oily like some balms. The beeswax (note to vegans... not vegan) gives it enough firmness so that it doesn't melt or slide all over your lips.

The "flavor" I have, the lavender cardamom is very soothing with a little bit of spice. It's a great slather at bedtime type of balm and my lips are moisturized and smooth the next morning.

Would I buy again? Sephora recently had this on special of the week for $6 which I'd definitely pay, but I highly doubt I'd pay full price. Maybe with Friends & Family or other discount code but as a regular thing (though how often do I really re buy lip balms with any regularity since I have so many!) it just seem too high. When I can get multiple tubes at the drugstore for less, or the ELF sticks (which are fab by the way) for a buck it seems silly to spend $12 on a tube of special smelling chapstick.