Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sephora Friends & Family - An Offer

I know many of my international readers are mumbling to themselves as they hear of all our Sephora hauls (although I am not going crazy ordering, I've still only bought that one MUFE set). I put this offer out on twitter with no bites so I thought I would offer here.

To be completely honest, I am hesitant about putting this out there, but I also want to be helpful. I live in the same state as their distribution center so I typically get items the next day after I order.

Anyway, ramblings aside, I am willing to do international CPs (custom purchases) for those of you that would like to order but live out of the country.

1. You must be 'visible' online. Either have your own blog with a following, be someone I've swapped/sold to before or something similar. I feel better dealing with someone I 'know' - makes it less of a risk for me.
2. You pay price of item less 20% deal plus paypal fees and shipping cost to you. It's up to you whether you chose to insure the package though it's significantly more expensive - I can not be help responsible for any loss or damage and all items will be packaged appropriately. I'll put "gift" on customs forms. I would appreciate the money up front so this isn't a huge expenditure for me.
3. I obviously I can only order in stock items!
4. I think that's it?

Leave a comment with your e-mail and we can discuss any particulars if you're interested. =)


Krystal Leigh said...

Well I live in TX, but how sweet of you!

Melbournite said...

Wow - what a massively generous offer of your time & effort!! Hope you're not too quickly inundated with mass requests - very brave of you!
I may be interested - as I live in Australia & would need to use a parcel forwarding service, but so far have been avoiding looking at the Sephora website... too much temptation & not great for my bank account LOL :) x

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