Sunday, October 17, 2010

NOTD aka Me Attempting Free Hand Nail "Art"

Now, even though I have my Bachelor's in Art, I never claimed to be good at drawing on my nails! Give me a canvas over a slightly shaky hand any day (yes I did just link you to one of my older 'portfolio' sites back when I made web pages for fun). Anyway, here is tonight's Nail of The Day.

Ignore the cuticles, thank you Dazzle Dry for the shine! The gray is a shade I'm testing out for Beauty Debutante and the red is the LE Sally Hansen Fireberry. Quite pretty. Only needed a thickish coat of each for the base and the free hand "french". Next time I should be less lazy and use little guides. All my "french" - ies are different shapes!


Kimberly said...

I think the color combo is interesting. What do you think it would look like if the green was matte while the red stayed shiny??? ;)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Looks really cool. My hand is so unsteady, I would never be able to do this.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kimberly: Now that would be far too much work!

@FunnyFaceBeauty: You'll notice I only did one hand! =)

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