Friday, October 1, 2010

Holy Crapizzle!

Ok, I need to get this post up ASAP (btw happy October!) because I just discovered the goldmine of UK goodies, with free shipping, and no customs or duties. I'm sure you've heard of - yes, our UK friends love to taunt us with their splendiforous hauls. Well, apparently Asos is now shipping to the US for FREE! Yes, for free, which means you too can grab most of the items on their site without begging for a custom purchase (except for nail polish it looks like).

And right now they have a ton TON a metric ton of Illamasqua on sale!

How about some of their Illamasqua NEW Light Liquid Foundation (in select colors)? Only $13.48 and free shipping!

Or maybe you were looking at their Powder Blushes (select colors)? $10.11!!!!

You can also get Barry M and loads of other makeup on their site. Holy frick I'm excited!


cait said...

*I will not look*

Eva said...

OMG, shut the front door !! I am so checking it out :)


splattergirl said...

do they ship free to canada too? where does it say shipping is free to the us?

G. said...

I'm going to walk slowly away from the computer and pretend I didn't just read this.

OK G, banish this from you memory. Remove it. You did NOT read it. You know nothing, you saw nothing. Haha!

Heather / Eyeconic said...


See you in a few days, I have stuff to order.

Ciambella said...

Thanks for letting us know! I picked up a powder blush in Unrequited (been eyeing it for a while) plus the Light Liquid Foundation--crossing my fingers that the color matches. Just about $24 for the two. Nice! ;)

Sparklz and Shine said...

I am totally blaming you for last night late night order ;-) xx

Jeweled Thumb said...

@cait: teehee!

@Eva: Very exciting, eh? Btw- I e-mailed you about the blog sale comment and never heard back, are you no longer interested?

@splattergirl: Nope, only free shipping in the US, it looks like Canada has a flat rate of $6 - you can see it in the shipping section of their website.

@G: *evil cackle* You can't resist forever!

@Heather: Haha! What are you getting? =)

@Ciambella: Awesome! Great prices, definitely. Hope the foundation color works for you, I figured all the shades in stock would be too dark for me! The discount is even better than Sephora F&F! =)

@Sparklz: I will gladly take the blame. =)

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