Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Small Walgreens Haul

The title of this post should be: How you know Jeweled Thumb hit traffic on the way home from work!

Since there obviously aren't Walgreens (or any stores for that matter) right on the highway, I get impatient and take the scenic route which drives me through lots of shopping (and probably 10+ Starbucks).
My loot:
Rapid Lash Serum $12.25 (was $49)
Chi Keratin Mist $7.50 (was $15)
and Revlon Black With Envy nail polish (full price)

(and a Diet Dr. Pepper - unpictured)

Seriously guys, if these last two hauls weren't any indication, stop by your local Walgreens for some potentially awesome deals!


Leticia said...

WHAT?!?! That is CHEAP for Rapidlash! I am hitting Walgreens yesterday lol. I love and use Rapidlash.

Leticia said...

Dang. I went by two stores and one didn't have any, and the other rang up full price. :(

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Leticia: Aww. I'm sorry! I hope you didn't have to run all over. I guess it's regional or by store?

Leticia said...

Nah, they happened to be where I was already going but it was still a bummer lol.

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