Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Empties

Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelettes - As I mentioned, I wasn't a huge fan of this and won't be repurchasing. Plus, I've found wipes 1/5 less expensive that work better (hooray for Epielle)!
MAC Microfine Refinisher - Now discontinued but an awesome scrub with super fine exfoliating bits suspended in a non-drying cream. If you can get a hold of this, definitely try it!
Avene Thermal Spring Water - A staple especially when the weather gets warmer. I've gone through so many of these!
Cargo Lash Activator Mascara - I had meant to do a review of this but to be frank, I wasn't the biggest fan. I've heard this is best used as a lash base, however I didn't find it do anything more than weigh down my lashes. It definitely didn't hold a curl, it ran and smudged and it's not the cheapest thing to boot though I bought it on sale. The rubber brush was only ok. The "bristles" are pretty far apart so clumping occurred. All in all, I wouldn't buy this again.
Prada Shielding Lip Balm - This is a discontinued product but I few years ago these Prada lip balms were all the rage and even more the rage when they started popping up at TJmaxx and Marshall stores. Individually packaged and sealed, these tiny balms can easily fit in pockets and the smallest of wallets or clutches. I was happy to find this one hiding in my collection and it hadn't turned! It's very moisturizing, no offensive smell or taste and an SPF of 15. The range had 7 or so other colors, this one was just clear. I hope one of the tinted ones pops up!

I'm a bit frustrated since I am so so so close to finishing 2 separate powder foundations but no dice so far. Let's hope May is slightly more successful! Anything you have finished recently?