Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did You Forget Concealer?

My skin has been freaking out a bit lately - not to the extent it was earlier in the year - but with the weather changing from summer to fall, I've had a few breakouts. As some of you may know, the majority of the time I wind up doing my makeup in the car before work. If I'm already at work, I'm way less stressed and am less likely to stick the mascara wand in my eye or sweat off my makeup en-route.

Because my skin has been pretty awesome lately, I haven't been carrying around concealer with me, but I had a pretty obvious spot that needed the extra coverage. Here's how I covered it without concealer!

* Apply foundation (in my case tinted moisturizer) as usual
* Dot a small amount of said product on the spot
* Do your eye makeup, blush or lipstick
* Come back to the area that you've applied the product and pat it in like you would a concealer

You'll find that the product has gotten less liquidy as it's been exposed to air and the pigment will have had ample time to stick itself to your blemish. Pat it to blend it in like you would a regular concealer and you will be amazed that your blemish is covered. A side note, this is especially good for those of us with dry skin where highly pigmented concealers tend to cake and look even worse than before covering a blemish.

I've now discovered that I don't have to add a product to my makeup bag and that makes me a happy girl!