Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips and Unadvertised Deal

I finally managed to track down the new Baby Lips - the new tinted lip balm from Maybelline. I am a huge fan of tinted lip balm so this was a must find for me. Since Maybelline is buy 1 get 1 50% on all lip and eye products, I didn't feel guilty purchasing these without having my coupons with me (though it would have been an even better deal had I had them). Each was a little over $4 and all 4 cost me about $13. I bought Cherry Me, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch & Grape Vine. I've tried Peach Kiss so far and it smells like peaches and has more pay off than I was expecting. I tried it on super chapped lips (I didn't drink enough water today and it shows - too busy) and it didn't improve them dramatically but it didn't make them worse so I wouldn't say these are intensively moisturizing, but on lips that are already in decent shape they should keep them soft.

Anyway, what really surprised me and made me want to jump on here asap was the unexpected Extrabucks that printed after my purchase. Apparently, there's an unadvertised deal with every $10 or more Maybelline lip & eye purchase, you get $3 in Extrabucks back! And it didn't say that I had met the deal limit on the bottom of my receipt so you may be able to do this multiple times! Pretty awesome if you combine with the current sale and coupons!